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Electrical Works

An electrical system in tiptop working condition is key to a car's safe and reliable operation. Our experts here at Premier Car Care are knowledgeable in all the aspects of electrical works and use advanced diagnostic equipment to access...

A/C Checkup

The harsh weather condition in Dubai, especially in summer, calls for a properly working car AC. Your comfort is something that should not be compromised as this greatly affects the way you drive. Here at Premier Car Care, our...

Car Diagnostics

Here at Premier, we use the most advanced car diagnostic software to see if your car has any recorded problems. This software accesses the car’s reporting and computer system where any problems are observed and faults are logged. Through...

Full Checkup

Whether you are buying a used car, heading out on a long trip or want to ensure a smooth, glitch-free daily drive, car full checkup or auto inspections are a good idea. Not only we want our customers to...

Car Polishing

When used in the automotive world, the term polishing pertains to an array of processes designed to either eliminate or mask sub-surface paint defects and significantly improve surface gloss in preparation for wax protection or sealant. This process is...

Car Painting

Admit it or not, it just takes a tiny rust spot on your car to make you extremely frustrated. We understand how this frustration can take a toll on your day. It is for this reason that we offer...

Mechanical Services

We are meticulous when it comes to all the mechanical aspects of your car and ensure that the problematic parts are given the attention they deserve. Boasting our state-of-the art facilities and equipment, our team of skilled mechanics are...

Premier Car Care Services

Our mission is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of Dubai motorists through providing a complete line of reliable car care and repair services. We take pride in the experience and skill of our team of technicians...

Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance

What makes all cars the same is the need for regular maintenance. When done at the right intervals, this will help save your hard-earned cash in the long run. The following parts must be included in your care service checklist: TIRES The...

Car Detailing

Have you ever thought of giving your dull car a makeover? Then what it needs is a detailing service, which entails different aspects of car maintenance such as cleaning the interiors, paint restoration, wheel care and engine refurbishment. Exterior Detailing For exterior car detailing Dubai, different...

Buy and Sell

Sun City Motors and The Elite Cars are top-notch dealerships that offer customers the best of both worlds. They are not only the perfect place to purchase your dream vehicles but also to sell them. Their knowledgeable and...

Welcome To Premier Car Care

We understand the struggles and headaches involved in finding a car service center that listens to your concerns, has the expertise you require, lives up to its promise, and yet offers services at affordable prices. Here at Premier Car Care, you will have peace of mind that your car is given the tender loving care it needs.

As one of the leading British and German car service centers in Dubai,  we pride ourselves for specializing in all types of car repairs, no matter how complicated they may seem. Our confidence lies in our team of trained technicians and the advanced equipment we use. We also provide an honest appraisal of any required car maintenance in Dubai, and this is one of the elements that set us apart from the competition.

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Our Expertise


Aston Martin Service

Aston Martin embodies the British carmaking culture—beauty, power and timelessness. If you are driving one here in Dubai, you have good taste for a luxury car. However, there is so much more to owning an Aston Martin. You have to...


Rolls-Royce Service

Rolls-Royce is always a good choice. This British luxury car brand has been conquering the motoring world for decades now due to its unique design, outstanding class, high-end features, and supreme sophistication. To put it simply, it offers nothing...


Ferrari Service

Ferrari is the embodiment of pure luxury. Everyone's talking about this Italian luxury sports car and many people dream of owning it. However, only very few are given a chance to own one, and even those who buy a...


Bentley Service

You can never go wrong with a Bentley. However, if something goes wrong with its inner workings, you need to find the right service center that specializes in this British luxury car. It pays to entrust your prized possession...


Audi Service

Are you driving an Audi car? Congratulations! You have made the right decision in driving one of the best luxury vehicles in the world. Where is the Best Place for Audi Service in Dubai? A German brand, Audi is designed to provide drivers...


BMW Service

Do you own a BMW? Do you need a maintenance and repair service for your car? Then your search stops here. Our BMW specialists here at Premier Car Care will take care of your vehicle like they would at the main dealership. Reasons...


Mercedes Service

So, you own a MERCEDES. To enjoy the comfort and sophistication of your car in the long run, you should never neglect taking it to a reliable Mercedes service center in Dubai for a checkup. This is where our specialists at <a title="Premier Car Care"...


Porsche Service

You are lucky if you are driving a PORSCHE. However, you should not neglect maintenance for your car because if you, it would take a huge toll on your pocket in the long run. Tips on Finding the Right Porsche Repair Center in...


Land Rover Service

You're lucky if you own a Land Rover.  Whether you take it for a checkup, maintenance service or repair, our trained staff here at Premier Car Care will give it the care it deserves. Why We are the Right Car Service...


Jaguar Service

Jaguar will always be a star.  However, no matter how you care for it, it will have some problems sooner or later. This is the reason why Premier Car Care exists. Premier Car Care: The Leading Specialist for Jaguar Vehicles Jaguar is as...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get my car serviced?

There are three reasons to get your car serviced: increased driving safety, improved performance and fuel economy, and extended lifespan. Through preventive maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs in the long run.

How do I know that I am dealing with the right car service center?

Foremost, the right car service center in Dubai should have a team of experienced mechanics who have excellent customer service and diagnostic skills. They must be able to successfully diagnose and sort out any automotive problem, as well as explain to you in detail the issues with your car and how they are going to solve them. These mechanics should also live up to their promise particularly when it comes to deadlines.

Moreover, the car service center of your choice needs to use advanced tools and equipment and should offer reliable services at affordable rates.

What should the car checkup include?

The car checkup should include the following items: oil and oil filter, power steering fluid, brake fluid, car battery, lights, exhaust system, steering system and brake system.

How often should I take my car to a garage for a service?

Car service falls into two categories: interim and full service. Most automotive experts say that the former must be completed every 6 months or 6,000 miles (9,000 km) while the latter must be performed every 12,000 miles (19,000 km).

How much is the cost for a car checkup?

Taking your car to a car service center in Dubai just for a checkup costs money. Though the mechanic does not spot an issue, you must expect to pay a bill. Interim checks cost less than full inspections because they are less exhaustive. The main purpose of regular checkups is to spot potential problems early on, which in turn can help you save hundreds to thousands of dirhams in future repairs.

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