Three Important Tips for Dubai Motorists

If you own a car, you surely understand that it takes dedicated effort to ensure that it is in excellent working condition. Apart from your car’s body and auto paint, there are other parts that you need to focus on to guarantee its optimal performance. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will discover the best car care tips that will save you thousands of dirhams from repeated repairs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Fluids are the lifeline of any vehicle, so make sure to have them changed as instructed in the user manual of your car. Take note that the most vital thing about fluid change is that you have to do it on time on a regular basis. As a general rule, refer to the owner manual as this may vary from one vehicle to another.

Another important car care tip is to schedule the maintenance checks at regular mileage intervals subject to your vehicle make and model.

Tips for Better Mileage

Car care specialists recommend replacing the air filters as per the manufacturer’s recommendation for enhanced fuel efficiency. Don’t fill the gas to the brim if you don’t want it to spill or seep through the cap. Ensure that the gas cap is tight and that you park your car under some shade to save on the gas escaping by way of evaporation due to the sweltering summer heat.

Tire Care and Maintenance

Top quality tires are tantamount to safer driving, better road trip, and better vehicle performance. Taking your car to a reliable car service center for wheel balancing is one of the ways to ensure that your tires depreciate lesser and in a uniform manner. Most car care workshops in the UAE advise wheel balancing to be carried out as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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