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Good morning,

I recently bought my car in to be serviced and have some work carried out.

After a few problems with the delay in the work being carried out and communication problems with the service agent, I was considering where I might take my car for the next service as I had felt let down by Premier Car Care. It was not the service I had come to expect from you.

When the work was finally finished, I received the invoice which was vastly different to the quotation that we had agreed before hand. When I pointed this out I received a phone call from Richard Zon S.Penida.

The way he dealt with the problems that had presented themselves was commendable, he showed great knowledge, understanding and true leadership.

The way he treated the customer was exemplary and normally a lost art in Dubai. After his assurances that the communication problems will be dealt with and will not happen in the future, I walked away a happy customer.

Because of Richard, instead of walking away never to return, I will now not only return but I will also recommend your company to friends and family.

Kind regards

Andrew Illing=

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