Ever had the dilemma of lookingfor the best car mechanic in UAE? So many car mechanic specialists are aroundthe city but as a reluctant luxury car owner, you require the certified carmechanic with the best service.

We are the leading car mechanicshop in Dubai and that is because of our consistent expertise in fixing all ourcustomers’ vehicle problems. Our car mechanic workshop has the highest qualityof equipment along with our team of skilled and certified mechanic. We aremeticulous and intentional in providing an excellent service to keep thecustomers satisfied and loyal to us. A luxury car mechanic is as important asthe vehicle value itself, and our staff is fully aware of the responsibility totake good care of each car from check-up until fixing.

Premier Car Care follows aschedule from the dealer to secure the completion of necessary minor servicesat the right intervals. From as simple as oil change, oil filter replacement,air filter cleaning, checking of suspension joints, brakes, wiper blade, lightcondition, tire pressure, tire condition, battery, checking of any leakage orworn out parts up to top up of all fluids, we cater to every service yourluxury car needs.

Visit our workshop and meet oursuperb team of car specialist mechanic that will attend to all your vehicleneeds. Our car repair mechanic is very friendly and knowledgeable aboutinspecting out the services needed for your car. Our major services includedrive belt and spark plugs replacement, A/C filter change, full check-up ofelectrical, mechanical, suspension, tires, brakes, and A/C system report foradditional and recommended repairs. Electrical works are also one that ourstaff is an expert at. You will be confident that Premier Car Care can executea careful and precise visual inspection of battery and case condition, batterychecking and replacement to ensure it delivers sufficient power, inspection andadjustment of electrical cable connections, engine diagnostics to troubleshootcomplex systems and electrical problems, troubleshooting, charging system andengine starter along with ECU programming.Be updated on our services and offers bychecking out our social media pages. We see to it that our customers are happyand contented with our service, and we make sure that we give both our regularand new customers a reason to come back with additional irresistible deals forthem to enjoy. The best mechanic workshop won’t hesitate in giving out extendedservices and always confident in the effort and quality work they provide, andthat’s exactly what Premier Car Care is about.

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