Lamborghini Takes the Wraps Off Its Upgraded Aventador S

The automotive world is increasingly overpowered by downsized engines with turbo chagers bolted on. While some household names have followed the global trend to polar bear-friendly engines, Lamborghini decided to stay gloriously old-school with its Aventador still powered by a naturally aspirated V12, which now has more power in Aventador S trim.

Though it’s a bit bigger than the hybrid and turbocharged engines making their way into an increasing number of sports cars and supercars, Lamborghini’s V12 doesn’t lack power. The variable valve timing has been reworked and a higher redline has freed up another 40hp in the Aventador S. It comes with a new exhaust that is 20 percent lighter than the unit it replaces, a touch which must also free up more noise on the move. Despite of these modifications, the 100km/h sprint still takes the same 2.9 seconds as before, and top speed is still 350km/h.

Beyond the additional power, the other key changes to the Aventador have been wrought under the skin. The S is the first-ever Lamborghini to have a rear-steer system, which turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speed, prior to turning them in the same direction at higher speeds. This aims to reduce low speed understeer, while enhancing stability when the speed rises.

The new system works in combination with revised suspension kinematics, and adjustable dampers suggest owners can set the car up for comfortable highway cruising or flat-out racetrack driving with just the push of a button.

A reworked four-wheel drive system puts power through the road. Lamborghini claims that this will enable owners to indulge in small slides without fear of flying backwards into a hedge.

Completing the new dynamics setup is a suite of specially developed Pirelli P Zero tires and ventilated carbon ceramic brakes that are capable of pulling up from 100km/h in just 31 meters.

Though it maintains the same basic look as the current model, the Aventador S has been given a thorough tech makeover inside. What’s more, Apple Car Play joins an all-new instrument binnacle on the list of standard equipment, and owners can spec the seats and dash in almost any combo of colors and materials if they want to spend some cash.

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