Light-colored Asphalt to Decrease Heat Emission on Roads

Just recently, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport has announced the debut of a pilot project to paint asphalt used on parking lots, pavements and roads in efforts to mitigate asphalt’s environmental effect.

Reports say that asphalt will be painted light gray using a water-based, eco-friendly paint which is formulated to reduce the heat it produces.

Preliminary stage of the project has already been unveiled in partnership with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

Lighter asphalt color has already been painted to an area in Al Maqtaa next to the headquarters of the department. This color has been seen to decrease the heat emission of the road, while also decreasing the heat absorbed by the pavement. The department anticipates the lighter asphalt to last longer than darker roads.

Due to the benefits observed from the pilot project, the department has considered its implementation in other areas across the emirate. To make this possible, data regarding thermal emission and road asphalt temperatures will be collated and analyzed by the department to ensure the effect of various colored asphalts on the surrounding environment.

The department also claimed that the project would help boost the sustainability of roads in the emirate while offering advantages to the environment. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi will help the department in its evaluation and make recommendations regarding proper implementation.



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