Plates on Dubai Cars to Become Digital

Motorists in Dubai can soon bid adieu to metal vehicle plates with the advent of digital ones.

In an interview, Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, said that the digital plate, dubbed as Tag to Connect, is a smart screen designed to replace the current metal plate.

One of the highlight features of the digital plate is that it will flash ‘stolen’ if anyone attempts to carjack the car or steal the digital plate.

The director added that the digital plate would enable vehicles to connect with each other–that’s why it’s called Tag to Connect, which means that drivers can exchange information on traffic condition or if there is any accident on the road. All the information gathered would be connected to RTA’s central command system.

In addition, paying for parking will be smooth and easy as parked vehicles will be charged through the e-wallet which is connected with the smart plates.

Al Marzouqi noted that RTA would begin testing the smart plates next month until November this year. He stressed that they wanted to know how the smart plates could survive in the UAE weather, how dust and humidity could affect data transfer, and how to identify its life cycle, and other technological requirements.

Al Marzouqi concluded that after meticulous assessment, they would launch the smart plates to the public and announce how much it would cost. The smart plate would also be added with other applications, including the possible integration of the Salik tag.


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