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All of us are being advised to stay home, but tough times makes some of us still head out to get by – may it be to pick up groceries, visit the pharmacy or drive to a vital job, for example. To support motorists who are still in need to drive, we give you these essential tips in disinfecting your cars and further avoid the spread of bacteria and virus:

1. EXERCISE PERSONAL HYGIENE. The most important precaution, and the most crucial, continue practicing personal hygiene even when inside your vehicle. Use tissue, hand sanitizers and sprays when you cough, sneeze or just clean your hands inside your cars.

2. CLEAN BOTH THE EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR OF YOUR CARS. Respiratory droplets from an infected person can contaminate surfaces where the virus can remain active for a few days. Ensuring that your car surface is sparkly clean is better than be sorry.

3. DISINFECT COMMONLY TOUCHED SURFACE. Start from the frequently touched surfaces including the exterior and interior door handles, steering wheel, gear shifter, hand brake, sun visors, grab handles, seat adjustment levers, seatbelt buckles, dashboard, touchscreens and all the buttons and knobs throughout the cabin. And don’t forget that key fob!

4. CLEAN THE UPHOLSTERY. Headrests, seatback pockets, backrests and armrests are other places that should be cleaned as well. Here too, alcohol, as well as soap water, can be used across a variety of upholsteries ranging from leather and leatherette (vinyl) to fabrics.

5. SERVICE YOUR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. Since many of the COVID-19 related fatalities can be attributed to comorbid diseases, it is a good idea to rid your HVAC system of any harbouring bacteria and fungi. Some workshops do a pick up of your vehicles to bring to their garage so you won’t even have to leave your home.

6. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. Avoid handing over your car to the valet. At fuel stations, maintain a safe distance from pump attendants and even try paying using digital wallets.

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