CORONAVIRUS lockdown measures could cause vehicles to breakdown after the crisis if vehicles have been left unattended and unused for months.

Motoring specialists say it is “vital” for motorists to keep their car in a good working order during the crisis to keep vehicles in a healthy state. Road users may suffer issues with their batteries, tires or engines after the lockdown if their cars have not been used for a long period of time. 

This could force motorists to spend hefty on car repair bills after the crisis has ended for simple errors which may be avoided. 

Gunnar Peters, Head of Telematics at Admiral car insurance said: “While car journeys haven’t stopped completely, there are some drivers who have dramatically reduced their car usage and there will be many cars parked up and undriven for longer periods than normal.”

“In these cases, it’s important to keep your car maintained and healthy so that when you do come to drive it again, it’s ready to go without any problems. It’s also essential that whether you’re driving your car or not, you are keeping it in good, working order and that it’s safe to drive at all times.”

Leading car workshops in UAE remains open and accessible for essential repairs to keep your cars in a roadworthy condition if you plan to drive around during the lockdown. 

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Here are some tips to avoid car part failure during this time:


Batteries could become flat if they are not used regularly.  To avoid the problems, motorists have been urged to start their vehicles and let them tick over on a drive as often as possible.

Another option would be to purchase a trickle charger which will top-up the vehicle with a steady stream of power while a vehicle is off the road.

The battery should be cleaned to prevent any further issues if any corrosion has begun to form.


Motorists could avoid expensive engine damage and potential breakdowns by simply keeping their oil topped up during the lockdown.

Road users are warned that even too much or too little oil can lead to engine issues and road users should always keep an eye out for any leaks, and to check their coolant levels regularly to avoid their engine to overheat. 


Motorists can use the time off work to conduct important checks on their vehicle’s tires for signs of cracking. 

There should be no cuts, nicks or cracking visible on the tires, and they should have at least 2mm of tread as the legal limit is 1.6mm. 

There will be a marker in your tires’ tread pattern to show what the minimum level is. Road tire issues are also dangerous and could put yourself at a higher risk for road accidents. 

Car owners who need a replacement should wait until they can go to a professional tire fitter so the specialist’s equipment can be used.

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