Tips and Tricks for a Safe Drive This Ramadan

Ramadan is truly a special season as it is all about spending quality time with the people dear to us and spreading the spirit of love and generosity. However, this festive occasion causes one inevitable problem—heavy traffic. The varying traffic patterns which coincide with the sweltering summer heat pose a number of challenges to road users and take a huge toll on their lifestyle.

Fasting can cause low blood sugar and dehydration, which in turn restrict reaction, vision, concentration, and attentiveness. Apart from fasting, the unusual eating and sleeping patterns can result in distraction, impatience, exhaustion, and fatigue.

Just recently, RoadSafetyUAE studied last year’s Ramadan claims data of 1,651 reported accidents/claims in the UAE provided by i-Insured to serve as a learning ground for this year.

What Does the 2017 Ramadan Data Show?

Based on the data analysis, Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President Retail i-Insured enumerated three key findings:

  • Older drivers, aged 40 and above, must take extra precaution
  • Mind the rush-hours in the morning
  • Male drivers should pay more attention towards their driving behavior

5 Tips and Tricks to a Safe Drive This Season

According to Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE, it is critical to be aware on how the Ramadan lifestyle can affect our own behavior and the behavior of other road users. Hence, he cited the following tips and tricks:

  1. Know your own limitations.
  2. Be on the lookout for other traffic participants who are possibly under the same limitations.
  3. Keep in mind to drive defensively.
  4. Have a properly planned schedule and leave home early to prevent speeding.
  5. Remember the golden rule–wear your seatbelt.

Edelmann concludes that drivers should realize that people will understand when they arrive late for a Ramadan event. He notes the importance of good time management as well as urges drivers to leave early and allow a time buffer in order to get to their destination on time. “We need to display a caring attitude for ourselves and for others in this very special period!”



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