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If you own a luxury car, then servicing it is absolutely necessary. With so many specialists in Dubai offering expert luxury auto service in Dubai, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking care of yours. Here’s a handy checklist for the most important points to look out for when searching for and settling on a luxury auto service centre in Dubai. It will give you a rundown of the best services available, so that when it comes to making your decision, you’ll be able to choose the best luxury car care in Dubai.

Car wash

Most luxury cars need to be cleaned regularly and in order to maintain their beauty. This service can make a big difference on your car’s value. There are many details that need attention, such as polishing the vinyl, waxing the paint, and cleaning and detailing undercarriage parts. All these tasks can be accomplished by professionals at car service centre who offer this service at an affordable price.

Test drive 

After completing your luxury auto service in Dubai, make sure that you take it for a test drive before you take it home. This will help you see if the issues that you pointed out have actually been sorted out or not, and check if any repairs were missed out or not performed to your specifications. It can even help you find out any new problems that may affect the performance of your vehicle. You’ll want to get a professional opinion on what is wrong with your vehicle too so make sure to ask a professional mechanic at a reputed auto service centre in Dubai. A test drive can save you a lot of headaches in the future if there are any unattended issues with the car that you are still unsure about even after the service. If you haven’t followed it yet, now is a good time to start. 

Check engine service

As a luxury car owner, you need to know the importance of routine maintenance and check engine service. A check engine service is a special type of service in which the car’s full diagnostic system is checked for errors that might be causing problems with your car. These errors might include engine codes, transaxle codes, or safety-related issues. An authorised car service centre can help diagnose and repair most issues that may be affecting your vehicle in order to ensure its longevity.

Tyre rotation

To maintain a high level of quality and performance, car owners should ensure that the routine tyre rotation is carried out on a regular basis from a reputed auto service centre in Dubai. Tyres can be rotated in different ways, depending on the type of vehicle. Owners should also remember to inspect or change tyres as soon as possible if they start to get worn down.

Tyre pressure

Did you know that low tire pressure can damage your car as well as your safety? Tires are vulnerable to damage from one or more of the following: road hazards, vehicle rolling over, hydroplaning and deep puddles. It is important to always use high-quality tires that have been properly inflated.  The tire pressure needs to be checked once a month. Tyres can lose air overnight as well, so it is important to check them when it is cold outside and before going out for the day.

Oil change

When it comes to your luxury car care in Dubai, you should make sure that you are changing your oil regularly. This is because the oil filter will clog and stop working, and if the engine runs too long without an oil change, the engine may seize. With regular service, you can avoid that and find a way to keep your car running smoothly!  A car’s oil change schedule is important to keep in mind because it can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle’s age, driving habits, and the climate where it is driven. 

Wiper blade replacement

Wiper blade replacement is another important maintenance task to be taken care of during luxury auto service in Dubai. A wiper blade has to be replaced due to the friction caused by the wind and water on its surface. Wiper blades may also get damaged in a collision if they aren’t properly taken care of and fixed. The most likely cause is debris on the blades causing damage that prevents the blade from operating smoothly.

Multi-point inspection

A multi-point inspection is a strategy used to inspect for contaminants in vehicles. It typically includes cleaning, inspecting, and checking for leaks, cracks, and other imperfections. The inspection is done using a checklist that the mechanic can follow in order to make sure all of the vehicle’s systems are functioning as they should be. This includes everything from the exterior of the car to the car’s interior and the service team makes sure that all engines, moving parts, and other systems are in great shape.


After owning a luxury car, most people want to know how to keep it in the best shape possible. It’s not easy trying to keep up with all of the service parameters and intervals that come with luxury car care in Dubai. A luxury car is an important purchase, and the quality of service that you get from your dealer should be just as vital. Following this checklist will ensure that your luxury car service is done correctly. As a best practice, follow these steps before and after every luxury auto service in Dubai to be sure you’re receiving the highest quality of work. For more tips, latest news, offers, and updates, follow Premier Car Care on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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