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Full Checkup

Experience smooth and glitch-free road trips all season long. Entrust the overall health of your Audi to our team of expert mechanics and technicians.

Repair and Maintenance

Drive safely and comfortably around the city. Let us restore the powerful performance of your Audi today with our comprehensive range of services!

A/C Checkup

Beat the heat in every journey with our high-quality AC repair and maintenance service at competitive prices. Take your Audi to our workshop today!

Body Repair

Frustrated with the dent on your Audi? With our proven expertise and experience, we will provide you with satisfaction by restoring its showroom-look.


We'll make your Audi look its best both in the exterior and interior. Avail our outstanding yet competitively priced service today!

Window Tinting

Stay cool in the shade all season long with our high-quality window films. Get your Audi tinted at our workshop!

We specialize in Audi A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, TT, e-Tron, and RS/R8.


Premier Car Care is one of the leading service centers in Dubai that specializes in the repair and maintenance of a variety of luxury car brands.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services at competitive prices which include Repair & Maintenance, Full Checkup, Body Painting, Detailing, AC Checkup, and Window Tinting. This is why through the years, we have made a remarkable reputation in the region with over hundreds of satisfied customers.

The cornerstone of our organization are our certified and experienced mechanics who specialize in luxury cars. Moreover, we provide honest and accurate quotes, quick turnaround, reliable customer support, and advanced equipment & system programs.

Enjoy a luxurious journey to the fullest. Bring your car to our workshop today!



Thank you for servicing my car. The brakes look and feel right. The car runs great and after the polishing service the car looks amazing. I am really pleased with the quality of work and speed of service. I have rarely gotten my car back in a day. I will definitely use you for all my Jaguar needs and even use you for my other car maintenance.

Steney John

Excellent customer service.

Moe Marthinus

Very quick and easy to get my car fixed. Friendly staff and a great car wash at the end!

Evie Moran

Audi Service Menu

Maintenance Inspections Suspension Original ELECTRICAL Interior Controls Working
Major Maintenance Suspension System Damage Battery Condition & Function Heating/Cooling Function
Minor Maintenance Wishbones/Links Condition Alternator Compressor Noise
Pre-Purchase Car Check-up/ Inspection Ball Joints Central Locking Filter Condition/ Smell
Roof Open/Close Mechanism Suspension Bushes Electric Mirrors Interior Fan Function
Shock Absorber Repair & Replacement Anti-Roll Bars Electric Seats (if fitted) Cabriolet or Sun Roof
Automotive Machine Shop Services Shock Absorber Condition Electric Windows Fabric Faded or Damaged
Collision Repair Service Drive Shaft Boots Interior Lights Roof Open/Close Mechanism
Computer Diagnostics STEERING Headlights BRAKING SYSTEM
Cooling System Service & Repair Power Steering Leaks Tail Lights Hand Brake Operation
Electrical Mapping & Re-mapping Power Steering Noise Indicators Brake Pipes Condition
Electrical System Diagnostic and Repair Steering System Condition Reverse Lights Brake Fluid Condition
Emissions Repair GEARBOX & DIFFERENTIALS Fog Light Front Disc Condition & Thickness
Engine Diagnostics Testing Gearbox Oil Leak Brake Lights Rear Disc Condition & Thickness
Engine Light Diagnostics Transmission Fluid Level (if auto) Dash Lights Front Pads Wear
Engine Overheating Repair Transmission Noise Dash Warning Lights On Rear Pads Wear
Engine Vibrations Repair Gear Selection & Clutch Gauges Working ABS System Function
Fuel Pumps & Fuel Injections Replacement Differential Oil Leak Cooling Fans Working Normally BODY & PAINT WORK
Fuel System Repair Tiptronic System Working Radio Working Normally Front Bumper
Heating & Air Conditioning Service EXHAUST SYSTEM Clock Bonnet
Heating/Cooling Function System Original Cigar Lighter Left Wing
Interior Controls Working System Condition Parking Sensors Left Front door
Maintenance Inspections System Leaks or Repairs Electric Spoiler (if fitted) Left Rear door
Tail Gate Repair Exhaust Co Reading Windscreen Wiper Function Left Rear ¼ panel
Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Glass Windscreen Washer Function Roof
Transmission Repair & Service Windscreen Scratched or Damaged Key Less Entry Function Boot lid
Troubleshoot Error Message Side Glass Scratched or Damaged Garage Door Opener System Rear Bumper
Tuning-ups Rear Glass Scratched or Damaged Right Rear ¼ Panel
Mechanical Condition Glass Tinted / Faded CONTROL UNIT READOUTS Right Rear Door
ENGINE ROAD TEST DRIVE Fault Memory Checked Right Front Door
Engine sound, bearings Engine Performance Vehicle Mileage Verified in ECU Right Front Wing
Poor running or misfire Gearbox Shifting Chassis Stickers/ Body/ Control Unit Side Mirror Covers
Exhaust smoke Clutch Slipping Manual/Tiptronic WHEELS & TIRES Underside Damage
Oil level & condition Driveline Noise or Vibration Wheels Original or Aftermarket Previous Accident Damage
Coolant level & condition Wheel Bearing Noise Wheels Condition INTERNAL CONDITION
Rubber hoses condition Tire Noise or Vibration Spare Wheel Present Carpets Condition
Engine belts condition Suspension Noise or Vibration Tyre Manufacturer Seats Condition
Oil or coolant leaks Brake Noise or Vibration Tyre Manufacture Date Seat Belt Function & Condition
Supercharger or Turbo Charger Wind Noise Tread Depth Steering Wheel Condition
Water pump leaks Car Pulling to One Side Visible Damage or Previous Repair Gear Shift Condition
Radiator fans condition Steering Function Tyre Catching Body or Chassis Glove & Center Box Condition
General Trim Condition


Got an Audi A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, TT, e-Tron, or RS/R8? Then you’re just one of the luckiest individuals on earth. With the stunning design, avant-garde technologies, superb performance and fine interiors of this iconic German brand, its has become the dream car of many.

Therefore, if you have noticed a change in the performance of your car lately, then it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. Bear in mind that even the best cars have their breaking point. This is why it is critical to visit a garage with a team of qualified mechanics and a proven track record in the industry.

A specialist in the repair and maintenance of luxury cars, Premier Car Care offers 360-degree services that will meet your needs for a safe and smooth drive. These include mechanical, full checkup, repair and maintenance, AC checkup, body repair, electrical, detailing and window tinting. To provide you with 100% satisfaction, we offer them at highly competitive prices.

Specifically, we repair air conditioning, air suspension, gearbox warning light, mechanical overheating, gearbox noise, engine vibration, engine noise, compressor rebuilt kit, engine rebuilt kit, engine sound, oil leak, gearbox oil leak, brake pads, brake lines, brake lights, fuel pump noise, LED lights, LED headlights, electrical, and engine light. We also offer replacement for air suspension, air filter, suspension compressor, brake replacement, engine, and engine oil. Plus, we provide transmission fluid, gearbox oil, engine oil, oil pump, brake fluid, and transmission oil change.

Enjoy a great urban driving adventure with Audi all season long. For a Premium Audi Service in Dubai, Book an appointment with us today!