Car Window Tinting Dubai

Premier Car Care is the leading luxury car service center in Dubai providing car window tinting alongside an extensive range of aftermarket automotive solutions. We offer a wide range of services including car window tinting, car detailing and body repair. Our extensive range of car window tints are designed to give your vehicle a fresh, new look and make you stand out from the crowd. No matter the size or type of your car, we have a pre-screened and approved tint for you.

Car Window Tinting is the best way to protect your car from harmful UV rays. Car Window Tinting helps prevent fading and cracking of paint, blocking damages from UV exposure, and protecting you against vandalism. At Premier Car Care, we specialize in window tinting for all cars and offer a wide range of services where our professional staff will help you choose the best tint for your vehicle!

How much does it cost to tint a car in Dubai?

There are many different factors that go into the price of car window tinting in Dubai. The size of the car is one of the most important factors to consider when calculating how much it costs to tint a car. There are two types of film that can be used: dye-based and solvent-based. The type and thickness of the film will determine how much it costs to tint a car in Dubai.

Are tinted windows allowed in Dubai?

Many people in Dubai are still unsure if tinted windows are allowed. Some might think it's a no-no while others may have heard the tinting is permitted but not sure what that means. Some people even think that tinted windows are illegal in Dubai. However, this is not true. The fact is that car windows can be tinted up to 50% of the window's glass area and the only restriction for window tinting is that it should not obstruct the driver's vision.

Is tinted glass legal in Dubai?

If you have been considering window tinting for your car, it is a good idea to consult your local authorities for the latest rules and regulations. Window tinting may be used on cars in Dubai, but only certain types of glasses can be tinted without breaking the law. If the tinting job is done poorly or does not comply with the regulations, then it can be considered illegal and lead to fines.

Sometimes, a car window can be tinted to provide privacy or block out the sun. This is legal in the UAE under certain circumstances. However, there are restrictions on how dark the tint can be and how much it can cover the window.

Is reflective tint legal in Dubai?

If you're driving your car in Dubai, it is recommended that you stay away from reflective car window tinting as it is illegal, and can pose a more dangerous situation for drivers because it increases the glare and makes it hard for drivers to see at night. Reflective car window tinting could block a car's signal light, and in turn impede the chance to make quick reactions due to poor visibility. This increases the risk of accidents for both drivers and pedestrians, which is why reflective car window tints are illegal in Dubai.

General Recommendations

  • Once film is installed, it will take two to three weeks to fully cure.
  • Allow film to cure for seven days before lowering the windows.
  • To ensure long life and maximum serviceability do not wash the windows before one week
  • When cleaning, use a soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge

The warranty is valid from the date of fixing only for the car owner, and will be void if sold to other parties. For warranty claim, please present original invoice.

The warranty will be void if cleaning recommendations are not followed.

Cleaning Recommendations

Drops of liquid soap not containing ammonia and water, used in a spray bottle, will clean your window film and keep it new for years. You should always use a soft cotton cloth to clean your window film and never use scrubbers, steel wool, or rough cloth.

As a car owner here in Dubai, you know for sure how important window tinting is. Not only does it protect you from excessive heat and harmful UV rays but also increase your privacy, give you more security and enhance your comfort.

We value your safety and comfort, that is why we ensure a pleasant experience every time you hit the road by providing a reliable and outstanding car window tinting service that conforms to the Federal Traffic Law. Designed to stand the test of time and give you the superior protection you deserve, our genuine, high quality window tinting films are available in different shades to meet your needs.

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