Car Care Tips for Ladies

What Does Different Warning Light Indicators on Your Car Mean?

Contemporary cars come with cutting-edge sensors and warning systems that notify you when something is wrong. As part of basic maintenance, it is crucial for a lady like you to know what each indicator means so you will be able to figure out the problem with your car. Here are some of them. Service engine […]

Friendly Reminders for a Safer Journey at Night

Driving is largely a visual activity. No wonder, driving at night is a challenge. This is why you need to adapt your driving techniques accordingly to keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe. Below are some tips you need to follow to enjoy every road trip at night. Be honest with yourself. – […]

Quick and Easy Maintenance Tips a Lady Like You Can Handle

They say that ladies don’t know much about cars. Well, that is already turning into a myth as more and more women today are discovering some quick and easy troubleshooting secrets. Let’s look into them. Air Filter Take note that your car needs a new air filter every year or 19,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. […]

Tips on Prolonging the Life of Your Tires

Tires are considered as the most important safety feature in a car. Do you know why? Because they are the only part which comes in contact with the road. Hence, they should be maintained in good condition all the times to avoid safety issues. If you are a lady, follow the simple tips below on […]

Tricks to a Great Summer Driving Experience for Ladies

Summer is such a challenging season for drivers as it subjects you to more stress levels and takes a huge toll on your vehicle. To get through this season without a hassle and serious problems on the road, here are some tips you need to keep in mind. Check the Cooling System The first thing […]

Quick, Girly Steps to Changing a Flat Tire

One of the most essential skills for all drivers, especially for women, is changing a flat tire. Misfortunes come without warnings and so do flat tires. Hence, you need to be equipped both with knowledge and the right tools. Things you’ll need: vehicle owner’s manual spare tire jack wrench wheel wedges flashlight Here are the […]

Simple Car Care Tricks for Busy Women

The life of 21st century women has increasingly become hectic through the years. No wonder, a lot of them take on the role of “car care manager” in their families. Basically thought of as a man’s work, research by the Car Care Council implies that women account for over 60 percent of the auto service […]

7 Car Care Tricks for Women

In accordance with a study conducted by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, approximately 9 out of 10 female drivers have involvement in the decision-making process for their household’s car maintenance and repair. However, how much do women really know about the inner workings of their vehicle and the care it needs? A recent survey by […]

Two Signs that Your Car is Overheating

What if one day, your temperature light just goes on or your temperature gauge becomes higher than usual? These are two of the most common signs of engine overheating. If you see that the readings are still within the safe range, make sure to get off the road as safely as possible. However, if the […]

What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

Though majority of 21st century women know how to drive a car, they may not know the technical aspects behind it. Yes, they may fancy and know a lot about the car interior, but they most likely have low to zero interest in the inner workings of the car. Statistics reveal that this is the […]

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