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Do you own a BMW? Do you need a maintenance and repair service for your car? Then your search stops here…

BMW Specialists. Here at Premier Car Care will take care of your vehicle like they would at the main dealership.



A number of BMW owners usually choose to have their car serviced at their local BMW dealership with the belief that it is the best option.

BMW Service Dubai

Several independent BMW service center Dubai employ knowledgeable and experienced mechanics and usually offer lower labor charges.

This implies that they offer a reliable alternative to BMW service, repair, and maintenance. Hence, there are multiple reasons why paying a visit to an independent BMW service center makes a lot of sense.


Most drivers assume that they should have their car serviced by a Franchised Dealership due to the manufacturer’s warranty. While it is commonly misconstrued that using an independent BMW service center instead, will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, nothing could be further from the whole truth.

For Your Information

The EC Block Exemption Regulation launched in 2003 enables owners to have their BMW service completed by an independent BMW service centre Dubai without effect on the manufacturer’s warranty whatsoever. This requires the BMW service center to fit OE ‘matching quality’ parts such as fuel and oil filters that have been manufactured to the same quality as those fitted by the automaker itself. This proves highly beneficial to drivers as it gives them peace of mind.

Moreover, the BMW service Dubai specialist has to conform to the manufacturer’s service schedule. A lot of drivers are not aware that garages readily have access to this information from different sources. It helps them follow the same checks and parts replacement that a franchised dealer would carry out. Through block exemption, BMW service Dubai garages are able to offer complete and interim car service to the same level of a franchise dealer.

The best part…

Premier Car Care can offer the same car service as a franchised dealership.

Apart from those, it offers other benefits. Usually, an independent car service center Dubai doesn’t have the overheads of luxurious showrooms. This suggests that its labor charges are lower, transcending into lower servicing prices that get passed on to the customer.

What’s the bottom line?

Driving a BMW car is a dream for many. However, having this high-end car entails a huge responsibility. To ensure that it will always be in top working condition, you have to find the right car specialist Dubai that offers reliable yet affordable BMW auto repair and BMW maintenance Dubai.

Premier Car Care is Dubai’s leading British and German car service center for Dubai — a team that specializes BMW car repair and service.

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