Beat the Heat with These Summer Car Maintenance Tips

No matter what the season, taking care of your car should be your top priority. It is true that vehicle maintenance is a tedious activity, but when done on a regular basis, it can yield rewarding results and save you from huge expenses in the long run.

Now that summer is at its peak, it is crucial to know the basics when it comes to summer car maintenance. The following are the most valuable tips that can help your prized possession run smoothly through the scorching months.

  • Oil and filter change – When was the last time you took your car to a workshop for an oil change? This summer, it is something that you should not neglect as extreme temperatures can put extra strain on the oil and filter, so ensuring to get it changed can keep your engine healthy.
  • Check the fluid level – The extreme heat can also take a toll on the fluid levels in your car. Thus, you need to check them regularly and top up when needed to prevent the engine from overheating. This includes water for your transmission fluid, windscreen wipers, coolant and steering fluid.
  • Check the tires – Another part of the car that bears the brunt of the high temperatures is the tire. To keep it in top working condition, ensure to check the air pressure regularly.
  • Run a battery test – The fluid loss caused by hot weather can quickly impact your battery. This is why you have to test your battery this season; otherwise you could end up with total battery failure or reduced battery life.

Bring out the best in your summer drives by following the car maintenance tips mentioned in this article. Visit a reputable garage near you today!



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