Dealing with Your Car Mechanic: What are the Dos and Don’ts?

Need a repair or maintenance service for your beloved car? Most of the time, making the decision to bring it for a service is just half the battle as a number of things must be taken into consideration. Most of all, you need to learn the tricks on how to properly and smartly deal with an auto mechanic so that everything works in your favor.

Here are just some dos and dont’s to guide you:

  • Master the art of communication. – The better you can convey to a mechanic the problem with your car, the easier it would be for him to identify and fix the issue. Hence, before you drop by the workshop, write down your observations with your car such as smells, leaks, sensations, sounds and how and when they occur.

The following are a list of terms that can help explain common car symptoms.

Bottoming – Unusually excessive noise that is felt through the passenger compartment or steering wheel when going over bumps.

Bucking – This sensation results from the engine hesitating or the transmission slipping as it changes gear and the car lurches.

Hesitation – This pertains to a brief power loss upon acceleration.

Knocking – Also referred to as detonation, this is a quick rattling sound heard upon acceleration.

Misfire – This occurs when fuel in one or more of an engine’s cylinders don’t ignite properly.

Shimmy – This pertains to a side-to-side motion you can feel through the steering wheel and/or tires.

Sluggish – You will feel this in your car when it’s not accelerating strongly or smoothly.

Surge – This is a sudden, upward change in the speed of the engine.

  • Make your expectations realistic. –  In terms of auto servicing, take note that cheap, quick and good are mutually exclusive terms. Though your car just needs a quick fix, there may be a number of other cars lined up ahead of yours in the service queue. You also need to inquire on how long the car will be in the shop and how much the service will cost.


  • Clean Your Car Before You Drop It Off. – Before you bring your prized possession to the workshop, tidy it up by clearing out the trunk and back seat of items such as golf clubs, strollers, papers, etc. The mechanic may have to eliminate them to access a part or perform a specific repair and they may also weigh down the car and affect its performance.


  • Be Available. – Ensure to leave your phone number to the workshop so you can be reached anytime. If there is no way to contact you, the repair will not be approved and your car will remain unattended for longer.


  • Don’t Bother the Mechanic. – According to survey, mechanics don’t like customers hovering over them while they worked. While it’s just right to spend time with your car and the mechanic to explain the issue and see how the repair is done, it can be quite distracting and dangerous. Hence, it’s better to sit in the waiting room and grab a cup of coffee.


Ready to take your car to the workshop of your choice? Be guided by these dos and don’ts to ensure a successful, convenient and satisfactory repair or maintenance service.

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