Friendly Reminders for a Safer Journey at Night

Driving is largely a visual activity. No wonder, driving at night is a challenge. This is why you need to adapt your driving techniques accordingly to keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe.

Below are some tips you need to follow to enjoy every road trip at night.

Be honest with yourself. – The best way to ensure your safety at night is to get your eyes checked. If you’ve got blurry vision, then you need to constantly wear spectacles prescribed by your optometrist especially when you drive.

Plan the route. – It is important to know your destination in order not to struggle with reading unlit signs while driving. To be on the safe side, stick to well-lit roads even if you may have to drive longer.

Run a check on the car’s lights. – It is important to check the condition of all the lights including brake lights, tail-lights and headlights. Do this by pointing your car at a wall and switch all the lights on. Next, reverse up to a couple of meters of the wall. The red glow or the lack of it will help you determine whether the brake and tail-lights are working.

Keep the windshield clean. – Whenever you hit the road, make sure that your windshield is free from dirt and streaks as these extremely impede vision.

Inspect the demister. – Given that the air is cooler at night than it is during daytime, there is a high likelihood for the moisture you breathe out to condense on the windows.

By observing proper precautions when driving at night, you will be able to evade any mishap on the road. This is the best way to protect yourself and secure your investment, especially when it’s a luxury car.





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