Quick Car Checks: A Guide to Prevent Breakdown

Your car might break down when you least expect it. Hence, it is important to prevent it before it happens.

There are two ways to reduce your car’s chances of breaking down. First is to stick to your manufacturer’s advice on servicing. Your handbook will tell you when a service is due and what is required–just ensure you book your car into the garage on time. Second is to perform simple car maintenance checks. Here’s the top 10:

1) Tires – Check the tire pressure and the condition of the tire every two weeks. Look out for wear or cuts and ensure the tread is within legal limits.

2) Toolkit – Does your car have a spare wheel? Make sure to carry a jack and wheel removing tools (plus a locking wheel nut key, if appropriate).

3) Water – Do this weekly: while the engine is cold, check whether the coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks.

4) Engine oil – Every couple of weeks, make sure to check oil levels using the dipstick. Before any journey, you also need to top it up if required.

5) Screenwash – Make sure that your screenwash is regularly topped up with a screenwash additive to prevent it from freezing and to clear it from oily grime.

6) Windscreen wipers – At least once a year, replace the windscreen wipers to prevent smearing.

7) Windscreen – Is there a stone damage or chips on the windscreen? If they can’t be repaired, they may have to be replaced.

8) Power steering – When you take your car for a service to a workshop, make sure the mechanic fills the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Then, you just have to check its levels monthly.

9) Lights – Once a week, run a check on all your lights, including reversing lights, indicators, fog lights and brake lights. It is also important to look out for blown cracks and bulbs or dirt on the lenses.

10) Bodywork – Make sure your car panels are given an occasional once-over for any signs of rust or damage.

These are just some of the simple car maintenance checks that you can perform to ensure that your car won’t screw up especially when you are on a long trip. However, given that you are not an expert, it is still advisable to take it to a reliable car service center in Dubai.

Happy driving!

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