Tricks to a Great Summer Driving Experience for Ladies

Summer is such a challenging season for drivers as it subjects you to more stress levels and takes a huge toll on your vehicle.

To get through this season without a hassle and serious problems on the road, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Check the Cooling System

The first thing you need to check is the cooling system as it bears the brunt of the season. To prevent overheating, which is the leading cause of car breakdown, take your car to a reliable workshop for a checkup.

The Trouble Brought by Dazzle

During summer, one of the leading causes of road mishaps is the dazzle from the sun. Reduce its effect by keeping your windscreen clean and by replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers. It is also important to have your car’s window tinted as it protects you and the car’s upholstery from harmful UV rays. Most of all, don’t forget your sunglasses.

Dealing with Drowsiness

Too much heat can make you sleepy. Drinking coffee or pinching yourself are not enough to keep yourself up on the road. According to an automotive expert, the best way to deal with drowsiness is to pull over on the side of the road and take a short nap.

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Here are some additional tips:

  • Take 20-minute breaks every couple of hour on longer journeys.
  • Take several shortstops than a long one.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before driving.

When You Have Hayfever

It is during the summer months when hayfever can get bad. If you, unfortunately, catch the illness, take medication but ensure that it doesn’t cause drowsiness. It is also important to close the car windows and air vents to prevent the pollen from getting in your car.

Check the Tires

Tires that are worn, damaged or at the wrong pressure are highly predisposed to a blowout. Hence, ensure that a professional mechanic checks it regularly.

There you have it ladies! With these safe summer driving tips, you can rest assured to enjoy every road trip this season no matter how long or short it is.

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