Two Signs that Your Car is Overheating

What if one day, your temperature light just goes on or your temperature gauge becomes higher than usual? These are two of the most common signs of engine overheating. If you see that the readings are still within the safe range, make sure to get off the road as safely as possible. However, if the temperatures are rising instantly or if steam/smoke is coming out of the hood, pull over to the shoulder as quickly as you possibly can.

One of the ways to fix the problem is through adding some coolant to the system. Take extra care if the engine is still warm and when opening the coolant cap as the contents may spray. You’re lucky if this solves the issue, but if not, this could indicate a problem with the coolant temperature sensor or the radiator. Hence, the best and only solution is to take your car to a skilled mechanic to have it repaired.

Friendly tip: It is wise to carry a bottle of coolant and learn how to find the reservoir to refill it when required.

*Information could vary based on the actual issue with the vehicle. It is always advised to bring your car directly to your local service center for proper advise.

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