What Does Different Warning Light Indicators on Your Car Mean?

Contemporary cars come with cutting-edge sensors and warning systems that notify you when something is wrong. As part of basic maintenance, it is crucial for a lady like you to know what each indicator means so you will be able to figure out the problem with your car.

Here are some of them.

Service engine light – Appearing in various prints such as “maint reqd”, “service”, “service engine”, this is designed to tell you that you are nearing a scheduled maintenance. Refer to your manual to know the exact meaning of this indicator light.

Check engine light – Typically, this is a sign of an issue in the different components of your car’s motor with sensors connected to and monitored by an OBD-II interface.

Brake warning light – There are multiple reasons why this will suddenly flash on the instrument panel. One example is when your parking brakes are engaged or when the brake fluid needs to be topped up.

Electrical fault light – In the event that this stays lit even after the self-test of the car, it could indicate problems with the electrical charging system that must be further examined. Often, this appears when there is an issue with the alternator.

Coolant warning light – This indicates of an overheating engine. The best way to deal with it is to pull over, open the hood, and just let it cool down.

Anti-lock Braking Systems warning light – In the event that this flashes, bring your car to your trusted workshop for thorough diagnosis as special equipment is required to determine and solve the problem.

Oil warning light – This flashes when the oil pressure in the engine is too low. Never drive your car when this warning light is on as it can gravely damage the engine.

You now have a clue on what each warning light means. Whenever you see it flashing in the car, don’t panic and call your trusted mechanic immediately.


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