3 Things You Need to Know When Replacing Your Car Tyre

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The process of replacing a car tyre is one that the majority of drivers need to go through at least once in their lifetime. However, getting a new tyre for your car can be a complicated and lengthy process which can be frustrating for some.  This article is a great place to start if you’re thinking about replacing your tyres but don’t know where to begin. The article covers what people should know before replacing a tyre and provides some useful advice on how to keep your car tyres working at its best, how to find a good car tyre replacement centre, and how to maintain your tyre’s lifespan.

Types of Tyres

German car service centres and car repair centres in Dubai offer tyres in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some tyres have high grip performance such as wet or snow tyres. Others have lower grip performance like normal tyres for travelling on dry roads or gravel surfaces. In addition to these tyre features and purposes, there are also different types of tyres that can be used depending on the vehicle’s make and model, especially in case of German car service centres.  Here are a few common types of tyres categorized by their purpose: 

Studded or carved

In general, studded tyres are used for off-road driving. They have a lot of traction on loose surfaces such as gravel, mud, sand and dirt. On the other hand, they lack traction on hard and smooth surfaces like asphalt, tarmac and concrete. As the name suggests, studded tires have studs attached to the tyre grooves or treads which act as traction devices for off-road driving. 

Clubs or summer tyres

These are used for normal road driving and are equipped with a layer of rubber or rubber-compound, which is softer than the rest. They have better grip on hard surfaces because they don’t perform as well on soft ones. 

Winter tyres

These are used in winter conditions – they are made of harder compounds compared to summer tyres and serve as traction devices in icy roads. These types of tires are very common in European countries because the climate there is extremely cold and roads are often ice and snow covered. 

All-season tyres

These are pretty much a mix of the above. They are made of a softer compound and have better traction on roads during winter but perform worse in summer conditions. They are used most often by drivers in regions where the winter is snowy but not icy. 

All-terrain tyres

This is a tyre designed to be used on different terrains – on road or off-road, the rubber compound is specially formulated for each specific terrain to ensure proper performance.

What to look for when buying a tyre

Tyres are made up of two parts: the tread and the casing. The tread is the part on the bottom of the tyre that receives pressure and rubs against the road. When buying a tyre, it is important to look for tread depth. A typical car tyre will have 3/32″ of tread depth but depending on the type of driving you do, deeper treads can be useful in different conditions. It is also important to consider how much deflection your car’s suspension can take. This means that when you hit a pothole or speed bump, your suspension will move back or forth with less resistance than usual because there is not as much rubber under pressure to reduce the force. For example, a racer would want a tyre that does not deflect as much and an SUV would need a more resilient tyre for off-roading purposes.

How to fit your new tyre

Be it at home or an auto service centre in Dubai, you should never fit your new tyre without taking the necessary safety precautions. Here are three important things to remember when you are fitting a new tyre:

  • Find a flat, level surface before attempting to remove your existing tyre
  • Make sure that the old tyre is completely deflated before removing it from your car
  • Make sure the old pressure in the tyres has been released by letting them sit for at least one hour 

When visiting Premier Car Care or any car tyre replacement centre in Dubai, it is important to make sure that the new tyre fits properly. There are a few methods for fitting a new tyre. The first method is to check the tyre size and make sure that it’s the same as what you have previously fitted in your car. Another option is to use a measuring stick and insert this into the wheel well before fitting the wheel onto the car. The best option is to have your car tyre replacement done at a reputed car repair centre in Dubai such as Premier Car Care. This is because you will most likely have a limited amount of time to fit it in your car and you may not be able to fit the wheel on properly. One other factor when fitting a new tyre is that it should be done before any water has seeped into the tyre. If the tyre is damp, then this can cause the lining of the tyre to crack or split. The lining inside the tyre can also leak air if there are any cracks in it due to impacts from hard knocks taken while driving over pot holes and poor roads.


Just because a tyre has a load of tread on it doesn’t mean that it is safe. You might be reaching the end of your tyre’s life. The best thing to do is watch the tread on the tyre, and change it when necessary. While visiting a car tyre replacement centre such as Premier Car Care, it is crucial to know what type of tyre you need. Tyres are designed to fit specific cars and most people have a small number of options available to them. In some cases, it might make more sense for the buyer to purchase a second-hand tyre from reputed and trustworthy car tyre replacement centres like Premier Car Care. When you drive on a new car tyre, it is important that you follow your tyres’ recommended speed limits to avoid cracks, punctures or other serious damage. For more tips, latest news, offers, and updates, follow Premier Car Care on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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