5 Most common car tyre problems

car tyre problems

If you ever experienced a flat tyre, you know how painstaking they are to fix. Not only does puncture ruin your tire, but it also renders your car useless. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about flat tyres as they aren’t predictable. 

But what’s guaranteed is the amount of trouble a bad tyre can introduce for you. This however can be avoided if you look out for the following 5 most common car tyre problems. 

1. Worned-out tyres

The most common reason a tyre faces issues and even gets frequently punctured is due to wear and tear. Tyres generally are made to last hundreds of kilometres. Depending on their type, these tyres can survive all sorts of surfaces for years to come. 

However, no matter the toughness, there will be a point where wear and tear will ruin the treads and make the tyre useless. Losing its tread means heavily reduced grip with even poorer braking performance. At this point, the surface of the tyre gets so smooth that it shines, hence the name Bald tyres. 

This baldness can happen all around, or at some particular point, like patches. Irrespective of that, at this point the tyre has taken too much damage and it must be replaced immediately at a car repair centre in Dubai. Otherwise, not only will you be running the risk of facing frequent punctures, poor grip and braking performance, but the tire may also burst. 

2. Over or Under Inflated tyres

The right amount of tyre pressure is extremely important for the tyre to perform as it should. Too much air and it can burst, too little and the deflated tyre would make more contact with the road increasing friction and eventually running it. 

When overinflated your tyres have less contact with the road which reduces overall grip. Also, the vehicle feels bouncy and shaky, making it dangerous to drive with too much air. 

If underinflated, the steering will feel sluggish, and turning the car would be harder resulting in understeer. The weight of the vehicle will put extreme pressure on the rubber increasing wear and tear. The chances of getting a puncture would also be a lot higher.       

Unfortunately, there is no fixed amount of air pressure for all tyres. The pressure varies depending on the tyre, vehicle and terrain. Temperature is also a deciding factor as air expands or contracts depending on the surface temperature. 

You can always find the right pressure for your tires on the side of the tire wall, the sticker on your door panel or in the user manuals. As a general rule of thumb, keep your tire pressure between 32-35 PSI unless advised otherwise. 

3. Bulged or Cracked tyre walls 

One of the clearest indications of a worn-out tyre is when you can spot bulges and cracks on the tyre wall. These are caused due to small trauma generated by going over potholes, hitting curbs or driving over uneven surfaces. 

The impact caused by these is transferred to the side walls of tyres affecting their internal structure and resulting in bulges and cracks. These can also develop due to extreme heat or harsh weather conditions. In fact, too much wear and tear can also develop cracks on tyre walls. 

Irrespective of the cause, if your tyres have developed cracks or bulges, then you must visit an auto repair centre in Dubai that offers car tyre replacement and have your tyres replaced. Otherwise, you will be running the risk of bursting your tyre while driving, which can prove very fatal.     

Do note that bulges and cracks are irreversible damages that cannot be fixed and require car tyre replacement.   

4. Misaligned tyres

Tyre misalignment happens all the time. Driving on uneven surfaces, hitting a curb or going over potholes are all the reasons behind misaligned tyres. When this happens, your tyres start to wear off from a particular side, the steering feels crooked and your car might pull towards one particular side. 

Though extremely common, misalignment of tyres is hard to recognize as the process is extremely slow. This is why every standard car maintenance includes a wheel alignment check. 

If you find your car has misaligned wheels, you should get them aligned at a car repair centre in Dubai that offers tyre repair and service. Or else your tyre will keep getting worn out eventually to a point where it will need to be replaced completely.    

5. Punctured tyres

Flat tires or punctures are a common tyre problem you will always face. But what is not great about these is the number of times it happens to a certain wheel. If your wheel faces one or two punctures then it’s good and well, but too many holes and it’s compromised. 

A tyre can pose a serious risk if it has been punctured and repaired more than 5 to 6 times. At this point, the tyre loses its ability to handle the air pressure and might burst when too much pressure is applied. 
It is highly recommended that the tyre is replaced immediately. For this, you can visit PREMIER CAR CARE, the best auto repair centre in Dubai. Here you will find the best-trained and most experienced mechanics equipped with the right equipment to fix all tyre or wheel-related problems. 

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