How to keep your Porsche in top condition? 

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Porsches are incredible machines that are built to be fast, agile and extremely fun to drive. These are precision machines that utilise highly advanced technology and superior automotive engineering to ensure confidence, stability and control at high speed. Due to the implementation of high-end automotive engineering, driving a Porsche is a pleasure unlike any other. 

To ensure that your Porsche always provide these pleasures constantly while inspiring confidence, it must be maintained regularly. And, with this post, you will know exactly how to keep your Porsche in top condition so you can enjoy it continuously. 

What maintenance is needed to be performed on Porsche regularly? 

Porsche are powerful machines that can house big V6 or V8 engines or even utilise a hybrid or a fully electric powertrain. Depending on this one difference, the maintenance requirement of your Porsche changes greatly. However, there are a couple of things that are commonly inspected and maintained with all Porsche. These include: 

  • Fluid Changes in Porsche: A Porsche has a bunch of fluids that are required for its proper functioning. Engine oil, coolant, and washer fluid are the most common that also need to be replaced at every maintenance cycle. Whereas fluids like brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid are replaced once every 30,000-40,000 kms. 

If you happen to have an all-electric Porsche, they will not need engine oil replacement, as there is quite literally no engine, though every other fluid would need to be replaced at the suggested frequency.    

  • Air filter replacement: Another common part of Porsche maintenance is air filter replacement. As the name sounds, Air filters are used to filter contaminants out of air going either inside the engine or the cabin. Even with EVs that do not have any engine, the air is used with water to cool down the batteries. 

Most Porsche engines with turbo-chargers also utilise indirect charge air-cooling making clean air an important part of its functioning. So, ensuring that your Porsche is always getting clean, contaminant-free air to breathe requires it to have an air filter replacement at every service.   

  • Brake checks:  Brakes are very important for high-performing cars like Porsche that can quickly achieve triple-digit speeds. To bring such a fast-paced car to a halt at a moment’s notice requires a powerful braking system performing at its best abilities. 

Hence these brakes need to be maintained regularly at every Porsche service. The brake pads must be checked along with brake fluid levels. If the brake pads suffer too much wear and tear they must be replaced with a fresh pair. As for the brake fluid, they are refilled if needed.      

  • Wheel alignment: Checking and maintaining wheel alignment is an extremely common part of Porsche maintenance. But it is also equally important, as these cars go extremely fast, misaligned wheels would cause the car to lose stability and can prove fatal. 

Wheel misalignment often happens due to hitting potholes, abrupt jarring or bumping on curves pushing the wheels out of alignment. While not fatal, misaligned wheels lead to uneven wear and tear ruining the expensive performance tyres. 

  • Electronic check: Finally, there is an electronics check that includes all onboard systems, batteries and wiring checks. Even on conventionally powered Porsches, there are plenty of sensors and onboard electronics to make it drive exceptionally.

For which all onboard electronics from the battery powering the system to computers handling sophisticated techs are needed to be inspected every once in a while. 

What is Porsche’s Scheduled Maintenance Plan?  

Porsche has a clearly devised maintenance schedule that can be found on its official website or in the user manual. While there might be some alteration depending on the models, the overall maintenance frequency and requirements for all Porsches are quite the same. 

A Porsche needs regular or standard maintenance every 16,000 km, intermediate at 32000 km and major service at around 48,000 km. 

Regular maintenance includes everything mentioned above repeated at a frequency of 16000 km. Whereas an intermediate service adds brake fluid replacement, belts and hoses inspection, and brake pad replacement followed by a thorough inspection. 

Then comes major maintenance at every 48,000 km that includes spark plug replacement, transmission and steering fluid replacement, hoses, belts and gasket replacement along with regular maintenance. These are repeated in a cycle for as long as the Porsche will be driven. 

Where to get your Porsche Services?

Porsche is a powerful yet sophisticated performance machine that needs to be catered to regularly and carefully. This requires a host of manufacture-specific technology and know-how to identify underlying problems and methods to fix them.  

Such expertise can only be found at Porsche dealerships or reputed shops like PREMIER CAR CARE, where you will find the highest quality luxury auto service in Dubai. Our educated and trained professionals take care of all that is needed to maintain your Porsche’s top condition, so you can rest easy and enjoy driving your Porsche fully.  

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