All you need to know about the service and maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Cars

service and maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Cars

Electric and Hybrid cars are often advertised as ones that need the least amount of maintenance. While that might be true, these cars also have many electrical and mechanical parts that need to be maintained once in a while. 

Today with our post, we will tell you all you need to know about the service and maintenance of electric and hybrid cars in the UAE

What’s included in the hybrid car regular service?

Unlike petrol cars with a host of things to service,/hybrid cars have fewer things to take care of. Though these do vary depending on whether you have a hybrid vehicle as hybrid vehicles still have a mechanical engine. 

With hybrid cars, not only does the engine need maintenance but the batteries also need to be catered for. However, since these cars also have electric motors that help the engine, the overall wear and tear of the engine is reduced greatly. Meaning the maintenance is less extensive and intensive than that of a fuel-powered car. 

The standard maintenance for a hybrid car includes simple oil and oil replacement, coolant replacement, tyre rotation, air filter replacement, electric motor, and battery check. Over longer distances, additional maintenance may include brake pad replacements, brake fluid, and transmission fluid replacement with battery and wiring checks.     

What’s included in Electric Vehicle service?

Regular maintenance for Electric vehicles has even fewer things to maintain than hybrid vehicles. Since these don’t have any fuel-powered engines, the only major thing to check are batteries and the electric motor aside from wiring. 

The standard EV maintenance includes tyre rotation, coolant refill, air filter replacement with electronics, battery, and electric motor check. Even brake pad replacement in EVs is very less frequent thanks to regenerative braking that greatly reduces wear and tear. 

Do hybrid cars need a special service?

There is no need for a special service in hybrid cars though there are certain parts that need special attention. Since these cars have extremely powerful batteries that store quite an amount of electricity and produce a lot of heat, it needs a few systems to keep them healthy and running. 

These include battery cooling systems and electricity generators, both of which are crucial for the working of a hybrid system. Hence it is essential that these parts are always catered for at every maintenance cycle.    

Is it expensive to service a hybrid car?

Servicing a hybrid car is comparatively cheaper than conventional vehicles. That is because the engines in hybrid cars are much smaller and they face less wear and tear as compared to fuel-powered vehicles. 

A smaller engine means less amount of oil is required, and less wear and tear means fewer parts replacement, making maintaining a hybrid car cheaper.   

Do hybrid electric vehicles need additional maintenance?

Hybrid cars do need additional maintenance for their electronic parts. As mentioned earlier, hybrid cars have high-capacity batteries that recharge from the engine and regenerative braking, which require complex systems with a bunch of wiring. While these systems are quite robust in nature they do get special attention once in a while.

Can any garage service hybrid cars?

Servicing hybrid or electric vehicles is not a job any garage can offer. Not only does it need well-trained professionals armed with the high-quality gear required for the work, but they also need to be experienced in maintaining hybrid cars. 

Since each hybrid car has a different battery size with varying configurations they need specialised attention only a seasoned hybrid car mechanic can provide. You can find such mechanics at PREMIER CAR CARE which is one of the best hybrid car service centres in Dubai.

At PREMIER CAR CARE you will find professionals experienced in working on all types of EVs and PHEVs with manufacturer-specific tools to maintain your vehicle.    

What is the biggest problem with hybrid cars?

The biggest issue with hybrid cars is their batteries and electronics. Over time the performance of the batteries gets dull resulting in poor backup and slow charging. Batteries also start to heat more forcing cooling systems to work harder. Also, the wiring develops cuts and cracks which can prove very hazardous. 

However modern-day hybrid cars are built to last longer and with regular maintenance, such problems can be taken care of well before it develops into a major issue. 

How are hybrid cars serviced and how often?

The service of hybrid cars is the same as a conventionally powered car and even has the same frequency at 8000 – 10000 km or at least once a year. The process is also the same with regular oil and oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, coolant and washer fluid refill, tire pressure check, tire rotation, etc. 

The only additional thing that adds to hybrid service is the battery checks, onboard electronics, and electric motor check. These checks are also done with the conventional vehicle, just less intensive. 
Overall there isn’t much difference between hybrid car servicing and petrol/diesel cars just it needs a few extra things to take care of. Things that you won’t need to worry about when getting your hybrid or electric car maintenance done at PREMIER CAR CARE, where you will get the best EV and PHEV service at the most competitive prices. So visit us today!  

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