Bentley to be the First Automaker to Launch High-Speed In-car WiFi in the World

Watching Netflix and Skyping will soon be mainstream for back-seat Bentley passengers the moment the automaker launches super-fast secure in-car WiFi in all of its 2019 models.

According to the British automaker, the high-speed in-car internet connection will enable HD movie streaming, virtual office applications, and video conferencing at speeds of up to 70mph (113km/h).

Bentley said that users would benefit from Skype for Business and important virtual applications such as the ability to hold video conferences, access and edit files on the go, be present for discussions, and conduct multiple meetings in a secure virtual environment.

The sophisticated technology was created in collaboration with Viasat, a communications company which manages 14 million WiFi hotspots in around 30 countries and enabled to bring in-flight WiFi to commercial aircraft.

The Bentley Advanced Connectivity system encompasses a broadband-connected hub outside the car and an onboard WiFi router which is designed to establish a virtual private network (VPN) that can form as many as three mobile networks into one strong signal.





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