Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

Transmission repairs are probably the second most expensive thing to repair in cars after a blown engine. While transmissions do last for a long time, they can break down easily if not maintained properly. In case it fails completely, you would need to get it rebuilt/replaced entirely which can get pretty expensive in UAE. 

However such expenses can be avoided if you can spot the following signs of a failing transmission and get it repaired early.     

It is hard to switch gears

An obvious indication of a failing transmission is when you are having a hard time switching between gears. It is the most common transmission problem that occurs due to low levels of transmission fluid.  

This can be fixed immediately by visiting car workshops in Dubai and getting your transmission fluid replaced. One thing to keep in mind is that you are getting the right transmission fluid put in your car as recommended by your car manufacturer. For this, you can check either your owner’s manuals or contact your dealership. A quick google search can also help get this information.      

Another reason you can have a hard time shifting gears is due to a bad or failing clutch. The clutch is responsible for disengaging the flywheel so you can shift smoothly. When the clutch fails to do so, shifting becomes hard, causing delays while shifting. In such a scenario, a clutch replacement is required to fix the issue. 

There is a burning smell 

If you are getting a burning smell from the centre of your car or around the car, chances are that your transmission is running hot. This happens when your transmission has gotten too old or there is less transmission fluid resulting in more friction. The overheating due to friction is causing your transmission fluid to burn, giving the burning odour.  

This is a clear sign that you need to get your transmission looked after by professional mechanics at any car repair centre Dubai.  

Having grinding noises while shifting

If shifting gears in your car cause grinding or clattering noises, it means that you need immediate transmission repairs. Especially when driving an automatic, as they work on planetary gear systems in which gears are connected with sets of bands and clutches. 

The problem can also be due to the torque converter that is causing the grinding noise. This is a clear indication that the gears inside the transmission are grinding each other causing intense wear and tear and soon will ruin the whole transmission if not fixed immediately. 

It is also not recommended to drive your car in such a situation as it will not only increase the damage done to your transmission but, it’s also extremely unsafe.   

The gears are slipping 

Gears slipping out of place is very common in old cars as their transmissions also have gotten old. It is not something that happens due to a major fault but rather because of normal wear and tear. As the transmission gets old the gear starts to wear off causing it to slip out of place.  

Normally this is an issue you would face after driving a good 300,000 km or so but it can happen early depending on driving habits. However, whenever it starts to happen, you must avoid driving your vehicle before getting your transmission repaired. Not doing so can cause accidents on the road due to abrupt gear changes.   

There is a Fluid leak 

If you notice a dark/blood-red fluid spilled under your car or in your garage then your transmission fluid is leaking. It can happen due to wear and tear or any sort of physical damage sustained while driving.

When facing such leaks it is important that it must be fixed immediately after which the transmission fluid should be refilled by an authorized car workshop in Dubai

Failing to do so however will result in overheating of the transmission with increased wear and tear. 


Transmission faults are not very common in cars and often go unnoticed, eventually growing big with expensive repair fees. However, by keeping the above signs in mind you can prevent paying large repair fees by getting the issue resolved early. 

Or you can avoid it completely by getting your transmission maintained regularly at Premier Car Care Dubai where you can experience excellent car maintenance and repair service performed by highly trained professionals.  

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