Time to discover some interesting facts on vehicles that you might not know yet! Here’s a quick rundown for your entertainment:

  • The first automobiles required drivers to work up a sweat getting the engine revving. They had to hand crank the engine to jump start the car. They also didn’t use a wheel to steer — they used a lever.
  • Today, it takes about 25 hours to build a quality vehicle. Surprisingly enough, about 10 of those hours are spent painting the finished car.
  • Most car horns beep in the key of F. You could potentially orchestrate a musical number when you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Today, the modern vehicle has Bluetooth capability and iPod connectivity — it’s standard. But plenty of people would rather stick to the old days of cassette tapes. In fact, the last car to offer a tape deck as an optional feature was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria.
  • Did you know Motorola’s first product was a car radio? They began by trying to create the first record player for cars. Their company name illustrates their intentions. “Motor” stands for car and “-ola” stands for sound.
  • When you’re running on empty, your tank might not really be empty. Most cars can drive another 60 miles after hitting empty — it’s called the buffer zone. Vehicles made in the U.S. have the largest buffer zone compared to other countries. Still, it’s not recommended to continuously run your gas tank down to empty. This can tax your fuel pump and lead to an early breakdown.
  • Even though the average driver spends $400 yearly on vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and tune ups, an estimated $60 billion worth of car maintenance and repairs get ignored annually.
  • You can recycle your tires! The rubber can be used to create sandals or asphalt. You can also recycle your car battery, and auto glass is beginning to be recycled more often as well.

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