How Often Should I Change the Oil on a Range Rover?

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The age-old question surrounding car maintenance often starts with, did you change your engine oil? To the well-informed, that answer will come immediately. To others, it can be perplexing.

Some might not even know that your engine uses oil that needs changing. Well, it does and it is perhaps the key to lengthening the life of your engine. So, you have an expensive car, a Range Rover and you don’t know when to take it for an oil change. This article will help you quell any doubts. We will tell you how often you need to get an oil change for a Range Rover. What are the types of oil,and the consequences of not changing it. 

How often should you change the oil in a car? 

It varies from car to car but the ideal period is between services. So, it all depends on the service cycle for your car. For high-end luxury brands such as Range Rovers that service cycle is lengthy. You can contact your nearest car service center in Dubai for more information.

The ideal cycle for any engine oil is between 5000 to 7000 kilometers. For more high-end cars, it can be longer. An oil change for Range Rover should be done between 12,000-16,000 kilometers. Keep in mind it’s best to check your owner’s manual and with your dealer to find out the right oil change intervals for your vehicle. You might have heard that they used to recommend an oil change every 5000 odd kilometers. But thanks to advancing technology, the quality of engine oil has become very good. 

What are the types of oil? 

Given below are the different types of oil and their applications: 

  1. Conventional: The simplest one comes from refined crude oil that works best for older models with simpler engine designs.  
  2. High-mileage: It comes with additives that can help older cars last longer. Typically used in cars that have run more than 75,000 kiometers. It has conditioners, antioxidants, and detergents. These additives help prevent major engine breakdowns.   
  3. Synthetic blend and synthetic: A base of conventional motor oil mixed with powder additives, and carrier oil. These three elements combine for an even distribution of additives throughout the engine. Using synthetic engine oil is a surefire way to make your car last longer. A synthetic blend combines conventional and synthetic to give you a more cost-effective way to achieve the benefits of using only synthetic fuel. It can be a cheaper alternative. When going for an oil change for Range Rover, ask what kind of engine oil they are using in your car. 

What happens if car oil is not changed? 

Worst case scenario? Complete engine failure. Yes, this can happen if you don’t change your engine oil. Warning heeded. Now, why does it happen? Because over time, the oil becomes sludge and it loses its property of extracting heat out of the engine, leading to poor performance, and eventually, engine failure.

There are other problems that may arise. You may also void your warranty if it’s a new car and you have not changed the engine oil. Your engine’s components become warped due to the lack of heat removal and the parts grinding against each other. It is also important to get an oil change for a Range Rover on time to avoid a blown head gasket and an inefficient engine.

How to change the car engine oil at home?

Before you do it, you need to drain the oil first, which means lifting the car high enough so that you can open the valve and drain the oil. The next step is to remove the old filter, replace with a new one and plug the filter back in. Replace the undertray, lower the car, and now pop open the hood. There will be an oil cap, which will have the oil can symbol on it. Open the oil cap and pour in the fresh oil.

Although this sounds rather simple, it can be a very tedious task. For best results head on over to your nearest car service center for an oil change for your Range Rover. 

Can wrong engine oil damage a car engine? 

Yes, it can lead to your car functioning inefficiently or worse your engine parts grinding against each other. The wrong engine oil does not lubricate your car’s engine components properly. The damage can be lengthy if you don’t take care of the engine oil usage. Always take care to use the right oil when asking for an oil change for Range Rover


It is hard to keep up with car maintenance in Dubai but nonetheless, it is the most essential step in prolonging the life of your car. Keeping the tips mentioned above in mind can help you go a long way. Head to your nearest car service center to better understand upkeep. 

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