Jaguar Service & Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

Jaguar Service & Maintenance in Dubai

Jaguars are a symbol of power, elegance, style, and luxury. They are high-performing beauties, blessed with elegant bodies and high-end technology. But such enticing machines are also limited mechanically. And they must be maintained and serviced regularly to be used at full capacity. 

This is something we will be discussing today by answering some frequently asked questions on Jaguar Service & Maintenance in Dubai.  

What’s included in standard Jaguar Maintenance? 

Standard Jaguar Maintenance has to be performed regularly on a timely basis over a fixed distance. It should include a host of things such as basic fluid check, tires check, windshield wipers check, air filtration system, and engine oil and filter change. 

Jaguar Fluid Check/Refill: 

Your Jaguar has six essential fluids that need to be refilled regularly. These include engine oil, coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. All these fluids have an expiry date and eventually need to be replaced. 

Engine oil, Coolant and Washer fluid are something that needs to be refilled quite frequently whereas the other three are replaced less frequently, around 48,000 kms at least. However, the fluid levels need to be checked regularly in case any leak has developed due to physical damage.   

Oil Filter and Oil Change for Jaguar: 

It is the engine oil in Jaguars that allows such powerful V6’s to perform so incredibly. By keeping the engine cool, clean and lubricated, the engine oil protects the engine from overheating and excessive wear-tear caused by friction.

The oil filter on the other hand keeps the oil clean by filtering the contaminants carried by the oil inside the engine. However, over time, the filter starts to get clogged and fails to filter the oil as it gets dirty.  

This causes the oil to get darker and denser, losing its cooling and lubricating properties. At this point, the oil inside the engine must be replaced or else your engine will run hotter and rougher than ever eventually getting seized.    

Tires Check: 

Sports cars like Jaguars have high-performance tires made to handle higher speeds while maintaining a stronger grip. However, this ability eventually deteriorates as the tires wear down and lose their tread marks.

The wearing of tires does not only happen simply due to driving a certain distance but also to how your Jaguar is driven. Often fast driving and drifting cause your tires to wear down faster eventually losing their grip. 

Less grip means shaky cornering and reduced brake force that cause unsafe driving conditions leading to accidents. Hence the tires must be checked on every maintenance for a safer driving experience.          

Wheel Alignment Check:  

The wear and tear in tires are often caused by bad wheel alignments. Accidentally hitting a curb, going over potholes, or having minor fender benders knocks the tires of your Jaguar out of their alignment. 

This misalignment not only increases wear and tear on tires and brakes but also puts vehicle suspension under stress that in the long run will turn into an expensive repair. To avoid that, the wheel alignment of your Jaguar must be performed at every standard maintenance at any Jaguar service centre in Dubai.   

Window Wiper Check: 

 Window Wipers also deteriorate over time with the rubbers on the blade getting hard and brittle. If not paid attention, they will end up scratching your expensive windshield which will not only look good on your Jaguar but also reduce road visibility. To avoid such unsafe driving, Jaguar standard maintenance also includes a wiper check.  

Air filtration Check:  

Finally, there is a Jaguar air filtration check and filter removal. Air filters are important for keeping the cabin air fresh and contaminants free. 

But like every filter, these filters also get dirty and clogged over time and eventually stop filtering. This not only brings bad odour into the cabin but also ends up blocking air flow completely inside the cabin.  

How often do you need to maintain your Jaguar?

A Jaguar needs to be serviced after diving a certain distance, that is around 5000 kms. While standard maintenance is performed at each maintenance cycle or every 5000 km, given the distance that you travel, the list of parts that needs to be serviced increases. 

Below is a list of services performed on a Jaguar at every service cycle. 


After driving your jaguar around 8,000 Km, it’ll need these services at that point, and every 8,000 kilometers going ahead:

  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Door hinges and Body fitting lubrication
  • Check and refill all fluids
  • Underbody inspection 
  • Tires Check and rotation
  • Windshield wipers and washing fluid check
  • Head and Taillights check
  • Belts and Hoses Inspection
  • HVAC system Inspection
  • Avenue Test


At 24,000 KMs all the 8,000 KM inspection will be done along with:

  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Throttle plate inspection and cleaning
  • Belt adjustment
  • Braking system Check
  • Door lock lubrication
  • Grease the wheel bearings


Besides the services performed on your Jaguar during the 8,000 and 24,000-Km inspections, your Jaguar will also receive the following services at 48,000 km:

To Replace & Adjust

  • Transmission fluid and filter
  • Rear axle lube
  • Power steering fluid
  • Repack the front wheel bearings
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Adjust the drive belt and replace 
  • Torque propeller shaft bolts

To Lubricate

  • Accelerator linkage
  • Brake pedal
  • Distributor advance mechanism
  • Weather stripping

To Inspect/Examine

  • Examine the exhaust system
  • Check/Replace  the rear transmission mount spool
  • Examine and Replace the battery 
  • Check the brake discs and rotors
  • Inspect brake fluid levels, brake hoses, and pads
  • Inspect the cooling system
  • Check the door hinges and locks
  • Check the engine and engine mounts
  • Check the exhaust system
  • Check the fuel system
  • Check the handbrake
  • Inspect the lights and controls inside and outside the vehicle
  • Inspect the seatbelts
  • Inspect the steering system
  • Inspect the wheel alignment
  • Inspect the wheel lug nuts

Where to get your Jaguar Serviced in Dubai?  

Jaguar Maintenance and Service should always be performed at a certified Jaguar service centre in Dubai. This place should have properly trained professionals with experience working on high-class cars like Jaguar. A place like the PREMIER CAR CARE DUBAI. 

Because only at PREMIER CAR CARE would you find the best Jaguar specialist in Dubai who has both the knowledge and understanding to identify Jaguar faults and fix them. A reputed Jaguar service centre like ours is a place where you will find OEM tools to be used on your Jaguar. 

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