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Jaguar Restarts the Production of D-Type Race Cars

Jaguar Classic has good news for all vintage car lovers. The automaker is restarting production of its renowned D-type race car in Coventry 62 years after manufacturing the last example in 1956. Just recently, the first-ever D-Type it assembled, which is an engineering prototype, was launched at the Salon Retromobile show in Paris. According to […]

Pirelli Launches New Types of Tires for Lamborghini Urus

Pirelli—a leading global tire manufacturer based in Italy—has recently launched six types of tires for its new Urus model, which can go from 0 to 100 km/hr in 3.6 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/hr in 12.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 305 km/hr. The tire range goes from 21 to 23 inches […]

Tips on Driving Safely in Foggy Weather in the UAE

Foggy weather is a hazard for drivers in the UAE as it can lead to fatal accidents. By following the below mentioned tips, you can ensure your and your passengers’ safety on the road. Put your fog lights on. Fog lights, which are a legal requirement in different parts of the world, are present in […]

12 Fatalities in 9 Months Reported on Dubai Roads Due to Sudden Swerving

According to a Khaleej Times report, sudden swerving and speeding were the leading causes of accidents on Dubai roads. Statistics of the Dubai Police reveal that sudden swerving caused 426 accidents which led to 12 fatalities and 393 injuries in the last nine months this year, while speeding caused 25 accidents that claimed 6 lives […]

Dubai Police Urges Public Not to Ignore Reckless Driving

In efforts to identify violators and keep roads safe, the Dubai Police have recently called on the public to report traffic law violations by using the ‘We are All Police’ program. According to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Traffic Department of Dubai Police, the ‘We Are All Police’ initiative (through the app and […]

Locking Children Unattended in Vehicles May Lead to Suffocation

Parents are warned that children left alone in cars are at a high risk of dying from suffocation due to lack of oxygen and heatstroke. A number of cases worldwide have been reported, and investigation has found that victims inhaled toxic carbon monoxide gas, which caused their deaths. According to Col. Dr. Abdul Kader Al […]

Dubai Car Fire Survivor Urges Car Owners Not to Settle for Cheap Repairs

A man who was able to escape from his car that recently caught fire in Dubai has warned other motorists not to put their lives on the line by getting their cars repaired in “cheap garages”. 22-year old Pakistani national Rana Touqeer, had just collected his 2005 Prado from a workshop in Ras Al Khor […]

Tips to Prevent Your Car from Catching Fire in Summer

According to experts, not getting the car properly and regularly maintained makes it more prone to catching fire in the summer. At least 10 cars have erupted in flames since the onset of summer this year, as per media reports. This is why authorities advise truck drivers and car owners to ensure that their vehicles […]

Premier Car Care Offers Free AC Checkup and Discounted Gas Refill for Jaguar and Land Rover

This season, Premier Car Care offers Jaguar and Land Rover owners a chance to get a FREE AC checkup and huge discounts on gas refill and AC cleaning. In efforts to bring out the best in its customers’ drive this season, Premier Car Care, one of the leading service centers for luxury cars in Dubai, […]

UAE Has a New Car Window Tinting Policy

Just recently, Dubai Police issued a statement that new traffic rules will enable car owners to use 50 percent tint in their car windows, putting an end to the long-standing 30 percent tint rule in the emirate. According to Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and Director […]

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