The Top 5 Car Parts that require regular replacement and maintenance

Car Parts that require regular replacement and maintenance

Car maintenance is important. And depending on the car you have, its condition, and the amount of distance you drive, the list of items to be maintained in your car varies all the time. However, irrespective of your car, make or mileage, there are a few car parts that will need maintenance every single time you visit a car service centre

Through this article, we will be discussing the Top -5 car parts that require regular replacement and maintenance.  

1. Car Batteries:

Batteries are not something that you will replace at every car service, but they are checked and maintained regularly. Because batteries are not just responsible for starting your engine, but also for powering all of your electronics. Everything from your headlights to your radio works on the battery, so being in tip-top condition always takes priority.

To ensure that your battery is healthy, any service centre in Dubai will check the following things: 

  • Voltage output: A standard car battery is a 12-volt battery that should produce between 12.4V – 12.7V when fully charged. Not having enough volt means that your battery is below 100% which is alright if your car has been sitting around. 

However, if you have been driving continuously, then your batteries should be fully charged. Not being able to charge at 100% is either because there is a fault or your battery is old. 

  • Battery getting very hot:  A battery sits inside the engine bay, and gets heated due to the hot engine running beside it. However, if the battery gets really hot, that is when you have a problem. Having a hotter battery indicates a faulty charging system.   

If you find your battery old or faulty, it’s recommended to change it immediately. Otherwise, you run a risk of either short-circuiting your entire electronics due to high voltage output or failing to run anything because of a dead battery.

2. Wheels and Tires

Tires are one of those parts of the car that are subjected to the most wear and tear. Despite that, a good pair of tires last between 3-4 years. However, that greatly depends on the type of road you are driving on, as well as your manner of driving. 

If you use road tires on gravel more often, you will wear your tires down more. Worn-out tires are not just bad for maintaining grip, but lack of grip also reduces your braking ability and greatly sacrifices your stability on roads. They also cause your wheels to be misaligned due to uneven wear. 

Not only is it risky to drive with a misaligned wheel but it also causes excessive tire wearing. Both of which put your driving safety in jeopardy. This is why it’s important to get your tires and wheel checked regularly and have them replaced when necessary.  

3. Brake Pads 

Similar to tires, Brake Pads are also rubbers made to wear. And the rate of wear again depends on the driving habits and conditions. In general, brake pads last around 40,000 to 50,000 kms. So, they need replacement around every 2-3 years. 

But again they need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly and effectively. 

If you find your brakes making screeching noises, or your brake bite feels sluggish while performing poorly, then you should get your brakes checked immediately. 

Also, remember that car brakes not only fail because of failing brake pads but also worn-out brake rotors and leaking brake fluid. Which should also get checked when getting car maintenance in Dubai.   

4. Air filters

Another common part that needs to be replaced regularly in cars are air filters. In modern-day cars, there are at least two air filters. One for the cabin and another for the engine. These filters ensure that both you and your engine get contaminant-free air to breathe. 

Over time, these filters also get dirty and clogged due to all the pollutants and germs they have filtered, cutting off the airflow entirely. Not only is that unhealthy for you if you are not getting any fresh air to breathe due to a clogged cabin air filter, but your engine will also suffocate if the engine air filter gets clogged. This will cause the engine to run richer, burning a higher ratio of fuel over air resulting in less fuel efficiency and overheating. To avoid this, engine air filters need to be regularly replaced.  

5. Oil filters

Oil change is something that is a first in any car maintenance, but what comes next is oil filter replacement. These are the filters that continuously clean the engine oil so the oil can keep the engine contaminant free. This also helps in reducing friction inside the engine as the clean oil keeps all parts of the engine lubricated. 

But like all filters, the oil filter also gets clogged after months of cleaning dirty engine oil. When that happens the engine becomes sluggish as the oil inside is not getting cleaned anymore. This results in increased friction, high engine temps and poor engine performance.

In order to keep the engine oil healthy and clean, oil filters need to be replaced regularly. The general / average frequency for which is 8000 Kms or 6 months whichever comes first.   


These are the top 5 parts of cars that need regular maintenance and replacement. Avoiding these can put the health and safety of the car and the driver in jeopardy. But ensuring that all these parts are taken care of may also be problematic. 

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