Tips for choosing the best service center for your luxury cars

Auto Body Shop for Luxury Cars

Looking for the perfect auto shop gets harder as the cost of your car gets higher. Not only do you need a reputable shop that knows what they are doing, but also one that is professional with their work and offers complete honesty.   

Finding such a body shop for luxury cars needs some keen examination. One that you can do by following these tips on choosing the best service center for luxury cars.  

1. Check with your Insurer

The very first thing you should do before consulting any auto body shop is to consult with your car’s insurance company. Since insurance companies insure your car based on its model, year, and initial value, any further upgrades made to it depending on its nature can increase your premium or even in some cases void your insurance. 

For example, any modification made to improve the performance of your car will also increase the risk of an accident when driving it. This will directly result in an increased premium cost due to higher involved risk.  

In case you avoid notifying your insurance company, they can treat it as fraud and void your insurance.  

In scenarios where you are taking your luxury car for repairs, maybe after an accident, you also need to consult your insurance company. Some insurance companies have a list of certified service centers for luxury cars that are directly linked to them. And only when repairs are performed at one of those certified shops will you be able to claim insurance. 

These factors make it very important to first consult your insurance company before consulting any auto body shop.  

2. Look for references

One of the best ways to find a good reputable auto body shop is to look for references. Word of mouth, online reviews, and testimonials are great ways to judge an auto body shop. If you have somebody in your circle that has been a customer of a given shop, you can ask for their personal experience and judge for yourself.

Looking at their previous work also helps understand the quality of work a particular shop can provide. To do so, you can visit the shop’s social media account or visit their website and look for similar work that you want to be performed on your car.   

3. Get a Comprehensive Estimate 

Once you have identified a good body shop for luxury cars, it’s time to consult them. When consulting about the type of job you want to be done, ask for a comprehensive estimate. This should include the list of repairs or services to be performed on your car, the service cost, and the list and brand of products that would be used.

This is because only a professional body shop that has done a similar job before can have the proper idea of the amount of work and products involved in the job to create a comprehensive estimate. 

Having a comprehensive estimate will also help you manage your budget and later claim insurance if needed.  

4. Ask for a Warranty

It is always a smart choice to choose an auto body shop that offers a warranty over one that does not. This is extremely important in scenarios where you are getting major repairs done like ones related to the engine and transmission or if you are getting an expensive add-on like a new paint job, or refreshed interiors. 

Having a warranty on parts and labour involved not only saves you from spending hundreds of dollars in case any part fails or if the job is not well done. But also provides you with assurance that the auto body shop does a great job. 

5. Go through the process

The final step before finalizing the perfect auto body shop for you is to go through the process. That is to have the shop or the head mechanic explain the entire process involved for whatever repair you need to get done.  

Doing so will give you a clear idea of the amount of work involved along with the shop’s understanding of the problem and their approach to fixing it. This should be a clear indication of their experience and professionalism. 


Finding the perfect auto body shop for luxury cars can prove daunting if you don’t know what to look for. But by following the above tips one can easily identify the ideal shop for luxury cars that will fulfil your repair needs.

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