Tips on Driving Safely in Foggy Weather in the UAE

Foggy weather is a hazard for drivers in the UAE as it can lead to fatal accidents. By following the below mentioned tips, you can ensure your and your passengers’ safety on the road.

  1. Put your fog lights on.

Fog lights, which are a legal requirement in different parts of the world, are present in most modern cars. Turn them on while driving until you are clear of the fog and turn them off when the fog goes as keeping them on will dazzle other motorists.

The fog light switch is usually located on the indicator stalk or on the headlight. You can also get information about your car’s fog light from your car’s manual.

  1. Drive only if it’s necessary.

If it is very foggy on the road and is difficult to drive, inform your boss that you will be a bit late. Always prioritize your safety as it’s the most important thing.

You can also listen to the traffic reports on the radio (in minimal sound so that you can hear the surrounding sounds as well) to keep yourself updated about the foggy weather.

  1. Stop your car at a service station.

If you have already started your journey and you are finding it difficult to drive because of the foggy weather, slow down and stop your car at any service station. You can also inform your boss in prior that you have stopped the journey and will reach the office once it’s safe to drive.

  1. Slow down your vehicle.

As the visibility is minimal during foggy weather, it is not advised to drive at 120km/hr as it’s dangerous. Stay inside the lane and keep your speed limit within 50km/hr. If the visibility is too less due to heavy fog, keep your speed limited to 40km/hr.

  1. Always use dipped headlights.

Keep your headlights on while driving in foggy weather and always make sure that your head lights are dipped. Don’t drive with your main beams on as they are dangerous to the advancing traffic and glares other motorists.

It is always good to make sure that your car’s automatic headlights are switched on.

  1. Never drive with your hazard lights on.

Many people are still confused whether it is acceptable to drive with the hazard lights on in fog. Most of them do it to make them more visible on the road, but driving with the hazard lights on is not a good idea as it can cause accidents.

As per traffic rules, hazard lights are designed to inform other passengers that you are stationary or to warn other passengers about a road hazard/ accident.

If a motorist travelling behind you sees that your hazard lights are on, he or she will panic thinking that you have stopped as the visibility is poor. This will lead to accidents as they might apply the brake sharply.

  1. Switch the heater on inside your car.

Condensation might build up inside your car when the weather is foggy. This will adversely affect your visibility so it is better to keep your heater on as this will prevent the buildup of condensation and will make your windows clear.

  1. Turn off your radio.

It is advised to turn off the radio and open the car window a little to at least hear the sound of the vehicles passing by.

  1. Maintain a safe distance.

It is safe to keep a distance from the car in front. If the driver in the front car stops sharply, then there is a chance that you could hit it.

  1. Avoid changing lanes.

Don’t hurry and avoid changing lanes unless it is necessary. Stay on the right lane as constant lane change can be dangerous and can cause accidents.

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