Tips For Driving in UAE Rains

Mainly accidents during rain happen because the drivers are not able to adapt to their driving styles to suit wet weather conditions. Here are some of the simple steps for drivers which will make them safe when driving during rain in Dubai.

  • Check your tyres

Keep in mind that the tyresthat work well in dry conditions may not work on wet roads. The treads of tyresshould be at least 3-4 mm deep or else there is a higher possibility forskidding. This is significantly important as the treads prevent the water fromaccumulating under the tyre and assists in maintaining the grip.

It is equally important tomake sure that the tyres are adequately inflated according to themanufacturer’s recommendations. So, don’t forget to get your spare tyre checkedand inflated as it is the right time to do so.

  • Check your brakes

Make sure that the brakes arein top condition throughout the year especially during monsoon. Wet roads areknown for increasing the braking distance, so you have to apply your brakes inadvance. Brake shoes won’t be able to grip the wet wheels as effectively likenon-monsoon season. Hence you are advised to check your brakes before the seasonbegins.

  • Wiper andwindscreen

Wipers are the least useddevices in a car. Any fault with an unused device is likely to go unnoticed fora long time. Therefore, when you turn them in time of need, you will find themscreeching and grinding against the windscreen. As a result, make sure to getthe car wipers checked periodically in order to avoid unfortunate situations.

Along with these, a scratchedwindscreen with scattered light coming from the oncoming traffic can makedriving difficult at night. Try to ensure that the glass is clean on theinteriors.

  • Lights

Never avoid the headlamps,tail lamps and the blinkers, and always ensure that they are working in optimumcondition. Headlamps will receive most spray from the car which is in front ofyou during the rain. There are chances that the dirt will accumulate on theheadlamp glass and reduce the effectiveness of the glass.

Try to use a low angle ofheadlamp while driving in the rain. A wet windscreen with wipers running willhugely distort the light from the oncoming traffic and thus making it difficultfor the driver to understand your location. Therefore, it is advised to use foglamps. If your car doesn’t have fog lamps, use low beam at a low angle whichmakes it easier for the oncoming driver to spot you.

  • Body care

Try to make sure that all thescratches on your car are either painted or at least polished with wax. It isalso advised to get the anti-rust treatment and rubber coating on the underbodyof your automobile.  Moreover, try to geta rubber lining on the doors and grease all the hinges.


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