What to Do When Your Car Overheats?

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So, you are worried about your car overheating. You might have even sensed that at times your car feels rather hot. The heat can radiate outward quite rapidly, letting you know that there is indeed something funny under the hood. 

Worry not, for this guide is designed to help you navigate your car woes. This time our focus is on overheating issues. We will discuss why it happens? What can you do to avoid it? How long should you let an overheated car cool? What is the fastest way to cool down an overheated car? And more. 

In the end, we will also give you five easy steps to cool down your car in emergencies. Note that if you are already facing issues with an overheating car, you should immediately take it to a car repair center in Dubai. It doesn’t have to be the dealership that you brought the car from. Even trusted car repair centers in Dubai such as Premier Car Care will suffice. So, let’s jump right in! 

Why does overheating happen? How can I avoid it? 

Despite a lot of sophisticated technical systems inside a car, its engines can still overheat fairly easily. But isn’t the array of technical sensors and systems designed to mitigate the overheating? Yes but, engines can overheat for various reasons. The most common one is due to issues with the cooling system. When the cooling system does not allow the heat to leave, it builds up and that’s where issues arise. 

How can you avoid it? The first tip would be to service your car and take it to a car repair center in Dubai as regularly as you possibly can. Secondly, whenever you are driving the car on hot days, be cautious about where you park and how long you keep the engine on idle for. As far as overheating goes, regularly maintaining your car is far better than getting your car repair in Dubai.  

How long should you let an overheated car cool?

If it is the first time you are encountering overheating, pull aside and wait for 15-30 minutes. Your car should cool down. If you can’t tell your car is overheating? There are tell-tale signs. 

Steam from the hood, the temperature spikes to the H on the gauge, and a strange odor often always means your car is overheating. Take your vehicle to a car repair center in Dubai if you often encounter these signs. 

Five basic steps to cool down your car

So, to help you out further, we have compiled five steps that can help you cool down your car faster. 

1. Put the heater on

Yes, as absurd as it sounds, turning the heater on will help you cool down your engine. More than that it actually draws the heat to the passenger compartment and helps take the load off the cooling system. In certain cases, it will help reverse the overheating entirely. 

2. Halt on the road if heating persists

Well, if the warning lights don’t fade and your car continues to overheat, pull over. You do not want to permanently damage some parts. It is the safest and surest way to cool down your engine. If you have roadside assistance, you need to call them now. You might need a tow. If you do not have that option, dial up the closest car repair center in Dubai. You can find their number on Google and other search engines.  

3. Wait it out

Sometimes, waiting it out is the best option. But be advised, do not attempt to open up the hood of your car. Temperatures can reach as high as 110 degrees celsius. If you open the hood, you might get sprayed with hot water or steam. Your personal safety is more important, be patient, and your car will cool down.    

4. Add the coolant 

Once you have waited for a few minutes, use gloves, open the hood, locate the radiator cap, and slowly release it a quarter of the way. It helps relieve the pressure due to the steam and heat. Then add your coolant, which is half-water, half-antifreeze. You should also add it to the overflow reservoir on the side of the radiator. Once you do this, turn on your engine, the gauge will return to normal and the red warning light will go out. 

5. Get to a service station 

A very important note, adding coolant does not solve the overheating permanently. It simply allows your car to cool off enough so that you can take it to the nearest car repair center in Dubai. Only a professional can help repair the issues. When driving, take a note of how the car behaves, and keep an eye on the temp gauge. An eye-test-based diagnosis will help a lot. 


So now that you know what to do, always be cautious. The fact that you are even reading this means you are already worried about overheating. Take it to the nearest car repair center and get it inspected.  

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