6 Tips for maintaining your Car during Winter in Dubai

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Prepping your car for winter in Dubai sounds a bit unnecessary. After all, unlike the harsh winter of European countries, the winters of the UAE are pretty friendly. 

However, these friendly temperatures also come with the uncertainty of foggy mornings, bursts of rain and sandstorms. All of which can test both your driving ability and your vehicle’s durability. 

This makes it necessary for you to ensure your vehicle’s reliability under such harsh driving conditions. So, here are six important tips to maintain your car during winter in Dubai so you can always have a safe journey.    

1. Ensure your car has the right level of fluids 

Any car has a total of 6-different fluids that are essential for it to function properly. This includes both your engine oil and your washer fluid which need to be replaced and refilled regularly. 

This gets extremely important if you are going for a long trip. As you will need the right level of engine oil for your engine to run smoothly over the long trip. And a full tank of washer fluid will help you always keep your windshield clean for great visibility.

Aside from these you also need to maintain the coolant level for your engine to avoid overheating. 

You can check on your oil level using the dipstick every three weeks or so and ensure that the oil is up to the recommended mark. At the same time, check on your coolant levels and your washer fluid as well and refill if necessary. Doing so will not only keep your engine healthy but also your windscreen clean so you can always have the best visibility. 

A better way to handle this is to visit PREMIER CAR CARE, where our certified professionals will perform all important fluid checks and refills for you.  

Note:  It is a good practice to always carry an extra can of oil and coolant in your car.  

2. Check your Windshield wiper blade

The random winter rain or sudden sandstorms of Dubai winter will get your car dirty more often than in the summer. That means your windshield will need regular cleaning which can only happen if your wipers are in good condition. 

A worn-out wiper blade with cracks on it will not only fail to clean properly but will also cause scratches on the windshield due to the dirt caught between those cracks.   

3. Have your lights clean and functioning

Whether it’s your headlights, fog lights or hazard lights, you will need all three when driving in the foggy mornings of Dubai. 

While your headlamps and fog lamps would improve visibility, your hazard light will keep you visible to other cars. So it’s necessary to ensure for all three lights are functioning properly. 

If your headlights have gotten foggy, you should also get them clean so the lights don’t lose their intensity. The lack of intensity can also be due to burn-out bulbs that you can get replaced at any car service centre in Dubai.   

4. Get Fresh tires 

The importance of a good pair of tires is pretty self-explanatory. Good rubber gets a better grip that automatically improves handling and braking. Especially in Dubai’s winter, where it can rain randomly. Having a good set of tires can help you maintain a good grip in wet conditions, keeping you safe while driving.     

If your tires have gone old or have developed cracks around the side, this would be the perfect time to change them. However, if your tread depth is good i.e. your treads are not worn out, and your rubber still looks fresh without any external damage to it, you don’t need to change it. 

5. Make sure your brakes are working

Aside from good rubber, you also need a good brake bite to have a safer driving experience. As the winter gets foggy with low visibility, having good brakes means you can stop quickly at a moment’s notice. 

Worn-out brakes on the other hand pose a risk of failing when you need to stop immediately. This gets worse when it’s raining as the water gets between the pads and the disks and makes the brakes way less effective.   

That’s why it’s better to have your brakes checked before hitting the wet driving conditions of the winter. If you find your brakes squealing you should get your brake pads replaced immediately. 

6. Check on your Battery and electronics 

Car electronics and wet climate never go hand in hand. It is mostly the cold weather when your batteries die or something inside your car short circuits due to water leaks. Since the battery is powering your vehicle’s electronics it is a top priority that it stays healthy.

You can check your battery’s health by getting battery diagnostics at an authorized car service centre in Dubai and prevent any electronic misfortune from happening. 


While it might feel unnecessary, your car must be maintained properly for it to handle the uncertain cold weather of Dubai. By using the above 6- winter care tips you can ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle and have a safer journey. 

Or, you can come to us at Premier Car Care Dubai, where we can take care of all the necessary car maintenance service for you, so you can enjoy your winter driving hassle-free!   

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