Audi Service in Dubai | 5 Questions You Should Ask


A car is an asset for those who invest both their time and money in procuring it. But this asset can quickly turn into a liability if not maintained properly. This same logic applies to your beloved Audi which can break unexpectedly if it’s not cared for properly.   

Maintaining an Audi is not just regularly visiting the service center but knowing precisely what to get serviced and when. This is why we have brought you a list of 5 Questions You Should Ask about Audi service in Dubai.

1. At what mileage do Audis start to break down?

The primary question one should ask is how long can your Audi go without needing any service. The answer to this is every 16,000 km or around 10-12 months. An Audi generally should be serviced within this time interval at a certified Audi service centre for it to perform normally. 

Especially when you are living in the UAE where a hot and dry environment makes for rough driving conditions, maintaining your Audi regularly at recommended mileage would help it to perform smoothly while prolonging its lifespan.  

2. How often do Audis need oil changes?

Oil changes are very important for Audi or any automobile in general for the engine to stay healthy. As oil not only lubricates the engine but also helps maintain its temperature while ensuring that the engine is free from any contaminants. 

This makes the engine oil very important for the automobile and without it, the engine will overheat and eventually seize. To avoid such unfortunate scenarios the engine oil must be changed regularly.

Generally, the time for an oil change differs depending on whether you have a diesel or a petrol engine. However, for Audis, the recommended frequency for an oil change is fixed at 16,000 km or 12 months.  Since oil change is a common engine service, you can easily get your oil changed at a certified Audi garage in Dubai.

3. What causes an Audi to overheat?

If your car’s AC is making strange noises, it could also be a sign that something is wrong. Strange noises from your car’s AC could be a sign of a loose belt, low refrigerant levels, or a problem with the compressor. If you hear any strange noises coming from your car’s AC, be sure to have it fixed as soon as possible at a reputed service center for car AC repair in Dubai.

Not having enough engine oil is one of the biggest causes behind Audi engine overheating. Lack of oil directly results in lack of heat dissipation that causes the engine to overheat. Overheating causes the engine to seize, which turns into an expensive Audi repair. 

4. What are the Signs to change brake pads in Audi?

Brake pad replacement in Audi is another thing to be performed regularly to ensure safe driving while avoiding unnecessary damage to the expensive disc brakes.  

Brake pad replacement in Audi is generally performed after 48,000 km and might last as long as 112,000 km. However, this greatly depends on the condition the car is driven and how often the braking is needed. Frequent use of brakes obviously would wear the pads down faster and you will need to get it replaced sooner. 

5. What is an Audi major service?

An Audi major service is one of the services that will include all your regular maintenance practice like oil change, filter change, and wheel alignment as well as some additional services. 

These additional services include spark plug replacement, fuel and air filter replacement, brake system check, power steering and transmission fluid check, suspension, exhaust system, battery and charging system check and windscreen wiper check. All of these are performed in addition to your regular check and replacement under an Audi Major Service.  

This major service is required to be performed after a certain mileage that mainly depends on the model. Generally, however, Audi recommends a major service between 64,000-96,000 km. 


Getting your Audi serviced regularly is crucial for it to always function properly. So it is mandatory for you to know as much about Audi’s service as possible. With the help of the above five questions, we hope to answer all that’s necessary to know about servicing your Audi in UAE. So you can enjoy your beloved luxury vehicle to the fullest while keeping it healthy.  

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