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Dubai Car Fire Survivor Urges Car Owners Not to Settle for Cheap Repairs

A man who was able to escape from his car that recently caught fire in Dubai has warned other motorists not to put their lives on the line by getting their cars repaired in “cheap garages”. 22-year old Pakistani national Rana Touqeer, had just collected his 2005 Prado from a workshop in Ras Al Khor […]

Tips to Prevent Your Car from Catching Fire in Summer

According to experts, not getting the car properly and regularly maintained makes it more prone to catching fire in the summer. At least 10 cars have erupted in flames since the onset of summer this year, as per media reports. This is why authorities advise truck drivers and car owners to ensure that their vehicles […]

Premier Car Care Offers Free AC Checkup and Discounted Gas Refill for Jaguar and Land Rover

This season, Premier Car Care offers Jaguar and Land Rover owners a chance to get a FREE AC checkup and huge discounts on gas refill and AC cleaning. In efforts to bring out the best in its customers’ drive this season, Premier Car Care, one of the leading service centers for luxury cars in Dubai, […]

UAE Has a New Car Window Tinting Policy

Just recently, Dubai Police issued a statement that new traffic rules will enable car owners to use 50 percent tint in their car windows, putting an end to the long-standing 30 percent tint rule in the emirate. According to Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and Director […]

Summer Without Accidents Campaign Launches in UAE

Just recently, a first-of-its-kind nationwide traffic awareness campaign known as ‘Summer Without Accidents’ has been unveiled in the UAE. This federal traffic initiative is designed to improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents across the country. According to Major-General Mohamed Saif Al Zafin, chairman of the Federal Traffic Council and assistant commander-in-chief of […]

Premier Car Care Offers Huge Discounts and Freebies for Jaguar and Land Rover Owners

Aiming to provide luxury car owners with a great summer driving experience, Premier Car Care, one of the leading luxury car service centers in Dubai, is offering a huge discount on its minor service and a free full checkup exclusively for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The workshop’s minor service includes oil change, oil filter […]

Ways to Stay Safe on the Road During the Holy Month

In a quest to ensure the safety of drivers and everyone on the road this Ramadan, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) departments in some organizations develop special training programs for fasting motorists to manage daily exercise, sleep and weight management. Included in the coverage of the program are the ideal diet for suhoor and iftar, […]

RTA’s Ramadan Campaign Warns Drivers Not to Tailgate or Drive While Tired

This Ramadan, drivers are being urged not to tailgate, to keep their eyes on the road, and to switch on the AC while driving. Just recently, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority launched a campaign to remind drivers about the risks of driving when exhausted and tailgating. In a statement, Maitha bin Udai, chief executive […]

Study Reveals UAE Motorists Careless About Buckling Up

In accordance with a latest study, a huge number of Emiratis and young drivers are careless about wearing seatbelts. It also reveals that more than half of the drivers in the country do not prompt their fellow passengers to wear seatbelts. QIC Insured and The RoadSafetyUAE’s study on the use of seatbelts coincided with the […]

How to Gear Your Vehicle Up for the Summer

Just a few months away, the Middle East will once again be gripped by extreme summer temperatures. In a quest to ensure that occupants and vehicles will be able to endure the hot season in a safe and trouble-free manner, Infiniti Middle East and RoadSafetyUAE have recently released complimentary car maintenance guidelines. Tire Safety One […]

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