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Owning a Range Rover in the UAE is an investment worth every penny. They are tough machines that offer superior luxury, endurance and world-class safety. However the reliability of a Range Rover depends on how you maintain it.

By knowing how and when to get your Range Rover a maintenance service, you can prolong your car’s life. And through this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Range Rover service in Dubai. Starting with what’s included in it. 

What’s included in a Range Rover service?

Similar to most automobiles, a regular Range Rover service includes a list of things that needs to be maintained regularly. The most obvious one is an engine oil change. 

Engine oil filter and oil change for Range Rover is a very common maintenance service that needs to be done after driving a certain distance. As the engine keeps running over time, the friction between engine parts causes dirt and debris that gets the oil dirty. 

Since engine oil helps keep the engine cool, clean, and lubricated, getting dirty causes it to lose all those properties. This is why it needs to be changed regularly. 

The cabin air filter is also something that needs to be replaced regularly. While self-explanatory, these filters help you breathe clean air inside your cabin by filtering dust and harmful materials out of it. These filters also prevent you from allergies by removing micro-organisms and pollens from the air you breathe inside the cabin. 

Another thing to get done while getting your regular Range Rover service is to get your tires rotated. This is to ensure that the wear and tear accumulated on your Range Rover tires do not affect your wheel alignment.     

Aside from these, there are also a bunch of things that need to be checked at a regular Range Rover service. These include coolant level check, tire pressure check, car battery and cables check and chassis lubrication.  

How often does a Range Rover need to be serviced?

A Range Rover has a recommended service time of 6 months or around 8000 kms. This puts its service frequency to twice per year. At around 24000 kms is when you get standard maintenance done on your Range Rover. 

This includes everything from an engine oil change to wheel alignment, transmission and power steering fluid check, onboard electronic check, exhaust system check, brake system check, wiper blade replacement and exterior lighting check.   

At 48,000 kms driveshaft, fuel line, brake line and suspension inspection will add to your standard 24,000 kms maintenance. And at 96,000 kms, spark plug replacement, and brake pad replacement will add to your 48,000 kms of maintenance.   

How do I know when my Range Rover needs service? 

While it’s recommended to get your Range Rover serviced every 6 months. The frequency mainly depends on the condition of your vehicle. 

A well-maintained vehicle that is driven in the right way following good driving practices ( no rough driving, no abrupt acceleration or overuse of braking), can manage with just one maintenance per year if driven in normal city conditions. 

However, if your Range Rover feels sluggish, if your engine is noisy, or running hotter or throwing too much smoke than normal, then that’s a clear marker that you need your Range Rover maintained.

One thing to keep in mind is that while it’s alright to get your Range Rover maintenance service in 8 months instead of 6 months, it should be done every 8000 km, or whichever comes first.   

Where should you get your Range Rover service?

It is pretty understandable that when getting your Range Rover serviced, it should be done at a reputed service centre in Dubai, which will have the rightfully trained professionals that will have the required tools and experience to properly maintain your Range Rover. 

PREMIER CAR CARE in Dubai is one such place where you get trained specialists with advanced tools to maintain your Range Rover. Not only do you get a FREE 122-point vehicle inspection, but Coolant Top-up, engine cooling system check, AC check and AC gas top-up are all completely free with your standard Range Rover service. 

What are the things to keep in mind when getting your Range Rover serviced? 

When getting your Range Rover serviced it is helpful to have a checklist of things that needs to be checked or changed. This way you can ensure that your car has been maintained properly without missing anything. 

Another thing to check is the products being used in your car. For example, when getting an oil change, you must ensure that you are getting the right oil put inside your engine, one that’s recommended by your manufacturer. The same applies to other fluids as well. 

Also when getting a replacement make sure that you are getting only authentic Range Rover parts from the manufacturer itself. Avoid using third-party products or their incompatibility can cause issues. 

Finally, after the servicing has been done, take a test ride with the service advisor to ensure the surety of the work. This will also help you keep your Range Rover healthy and running for a prolonged period of time.    

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