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Tips to Maintain a Luxury Car in Dubai

Luxury cars are a status symbol in Dubai, and with good reason. These vehicles are sleek, powerful, and come with all the bells and whistles that make them stand out from the rest. But owning a luxury car comes with its own set of challenges – namely, how to keep it running smoothly and looking […]

Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

So, can you make your car last for decades? Is there a way to make a car run forever? Well, unfortunately, no. You can, however, make it last for years, perhaps if you take good care, even decades. Cars are made up of multiple working parts that have a shelf life. And irrespective of how […]

How Often Should I Change the Oil on a Range Rover?

The age-old question surrounding car maintenance often starts with, did you change your engine oil? To the well-informed, that answer will come immediately. To others, it can be perplexing. Some might not even know that your engine uses oil that needs changing. Well, it does and it is perhaps the key to lengthening the life […]

Why Changing Tires in a Land Rover is Important

Land Rover owners know that changing tires is important – not only for the safety of themselves and their passengers, but also for the longevity of their vehicle. A tire-inflicted puncture can result in an expensive repair bill, and a worn out tire can dramatically reduce the SUV’s range. So it’s no surprise that many […]

Car Oil Change in Dubai: 3 Things You Must Know

Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or just starting out, it’s important to know what goes into auto maintenance. This article provides a breakdown of the importance of car oil change in Dubai. You’ll also be provided with information on the types of oils that are best for your vehicle type, so you can get […]

Car Dent Repair in Dubai: 6 Things to Know to Get the Job Done

Car dent repair is an important part of car maintenance and not something to be taken lightly. With so many different types of techniques, products, and resources at your disposal, finding the best way to fix your car dent can feel like a bit of an overwhelming task. Thankfully, with some time and patience you […]

5 Car Engine Noises to Look Out for!

On a typical day, while driving, you might notice some unusual noises coming from your car engine. It might be a rattling sound that can’t seem to stop, or a distinct change in the sound of the engine. If you’re unsure what the noise is, it’s best to pull over and listen closely for any […]

5 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car at All Times

As car owners, you often do not have the time to think about keeping track of all the things you have inside your car. While you are maybe aware of the luggage or groceries you haul in and out of your car, there are certain essentials that should always be on board. Head to any […]

4 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Brake Pads

Have you recently noticed your car’s brake pads are looking a little bit worn? Or maybe the sound is getting much louder when you press on them? If this sounds familiar, it’s time for new brake pads! Brakes are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle, so when it’s time for you […]

What to Do When Your Car Overheats?

So, you are worried about your car overheating. You might have even sensed that at times your car feels rather hot. The heat can radiate outward quite rapidly, letting you know that there is indeed something funny under the hood.  Worry not, for this guide is designed to help you navigate your car woes. This […]

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